Merton Abbey Mills

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  • Times are changing, I guess. I used to love spending time here but now it somehow doesn't feel the same any more. I still love going through the stalls and browsing, buying whatever I find compelling enough but a lot of this place's old charm is now sadly gone with the emergence of new buildings.
    Elle Barnes
    Tuesday 22/07/2014
  • What a major disappointment and waste of time travelling there! I remember years ago how lovely this place was and the hours I spent walking round all the stalls, buying lovely things, stopping for a drink in the pub or trying one of the many different foods, It would be a great way to spend a Sunday on a sunny day..I loved it. But now? Well I went last Sunday and was back in the car 20 mins later. The big eyesores that are Pizza Hut and KFC are bad enough on approach to what should be a preserved historical place of interest - such a shame but you could get over that once in the Mills if there was enough to distract you and keep you occupied...alas there was a couple of nice shops, a handful of stalls and...that's it. No more indoor market full of interesting items, no more outdoor stalls selling all sorts of things. Sad and very dull. Who ever let the place get like this?
    Debbie Innes
    Monday 31/03/2014
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