New Brompton on maiden voyage
New Brompton on maiden voyage
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  • We went on the "Secrets of London" tour and got to see some great attractions that we wouldn't have otherwise seen! Chris, the guide, was great and considerate of the different levels of comfortability of cyclists. Riding across the Tower Bridge was SO COOL!
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    Thursday 27/11/2014
  • I took city bike tours in Barcelona and Dusseldorf this year and really enjoyed them, so when I recently had a 24 hour layover in London, I found Brakeaway Tours and off I went. Upon my late morning arrival at Heathrow, I stored my luggage and hopped on the Airport Express train ($55 RT) and connected to the subway/tube. In my case, I first stopped by the Brompton folding bike flagship store in Convent Garden to buy a Brompton bike (if I bought in the US, it would take 4+ weeks to get the configuration I wanted, plus they rebate the GST, ~10% at the airport, plus the folded bike fits in the overhead space on the plane so no check-in fees). Don't worry, Brakeaway Tours provides sturdy bikes for their tours, but I bought my own in this case. I rode my new bike to the meetup place at the WaterLoo station 10 mins away, where I joined the group. We proceeded on a great behind the scenes tour of London led by Chris, including stops at .... well, it's a secret (but check out all the photos for hints). What's great about these city tours by bike is you typically get the unedited and often humorous version of the history or background of the landmarks or sites. Do's: If using your smartphone for photos or gps, bring an extra battery just in case If you use the Strava app to record your bike rides, turn it on to share with your Strava friends Wear the helmet and fluorescent vest provided by Brakeaway upon request; after all, you are riding in the city and for many of us, on the other side of the street that we are used to.. Turn on the lights as needed provided by Brakeaway for the afternoon tours since you may finish the ride at dusk Tip the tour guides if you had fun
    Tuesday 25/11/2014
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