Peggy, on the right, the tour guide, who spoke perfect English :)
Peggy, on the right, the tour guide, who spoke perfect English :)
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Shanghai Private One-day Tour Guide Miki- Miki Tours

  • Travelled to Shanghai for work and even though, I had been to Shanghai a couple years before, I did not have the time and opportunity to know this city. Since the partner was with me for this trip, I decide to squeeze one day out of our tight schedule for this City tour. I only email Miki Tours 48 hours before the date I have in mind, and I was pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of Yoyo, who replied me almost immediately and gave suggestions on what I can do in a town. Yoyo gave a few choices and I picked one. I was informed that Miki would be free and they have assigned their senior tour guide to lead our tour. Initially, I was a bit worried and there were no reviews about Peggy. However, after meeting her, I realized that my worries were unnecessary. Peggy spoke very well (English) and she is a very considerate guide. She brought us to the water town, which is something that I never expect to find in Shanghai. To me, Shanghai is a very developed city and I expected that all the villages have long gave way to the modern buildings. Peggy shared with us a lot about Shanghai and even showed us a great place for lunch. One of my best meal for the trip actually. The driver is very courteous and he spares a thought not only for our safety but also to other road users. For me, that is very uncommon in China. Peggy was very helpful in all ways, especially recommending places we could go during our short stay in Shanghai. I would recommend Miki tours to anyone that is going to Shanghai based on my overall experience from booking to experiencing the actual tour.
    Wednesday 17/12/2014
  • First, time. I had exchanged several emails requesting that we meet early 0800 on our first day and have breakfast with our guide. From there we wanted to go to the South Bund Fabric Market to shop for silk for my seamstress relatives. We had arrived in Shanghai the previous afternoon and like most we completely misjudged the jet lag. I emailed the company to change our plans by skipping breakfast together and meeting at 0830 at our hotel. Checking email the next morning I found that the meet up time was not 0830 as I requested but 0930. This meant we would not arrive at the fabric market when it opened but instead we would lose 2-3 hours shopping time. This may seem trivial but that time in the morning allowed me to take an image of the fabric and SMS/MMS the snap to Ottawa and Denver where the customers were sitting. The later it got in the Shanghai morning put the buyers into midnight. Considering I was authorized to buy upwards of $1000 in silk I wanted to get it right. The next day also began late which was bothersome because we had to quit early in the afternoon for my wife to register for the conference she was attending. We also took the Hangzhou tea tour a couple of days later. I wanted to ride the bullet train very early in the morning to get to the Westlake park to take photographs at sunrise. I checked sunrise time and train schedule and found travel that would work. No go. It was the tour company's time, they set the schedule, screw the customer. Then on the tea tour the actual tea part consisted of parking on the side of a road and walking into a tea field. Our guide Qinqin was very knowledgeable about the growing and harvesting of tea, but a 15 minute walk in a farmer's field is not really what I consider a tea tour. OK. Time stolen. Wasted. Lost. No more time. Our guides Lisa and Qinqin were excellent. Yes they had a specific trail of crumbs they were following but every sight, every corner, every find was just as much of a surprise to them as to us. They could talk easily and as knowledgeably about the Bottle Opener as the fabric market as the French Concession as the origin of the White Russians. The tours did not include shopping stops after each venue - any stores were happenstance with one exception. Our shopping at the Fabric Market was directed by Lisa. We followed her into the Fabric Market up to the third floor where she searched around to find the shop written on a scrap of paper. This set off all sorts of alarm bells. Is it real silk? The shop owner used the flame test to verify that 5 bolts of fabric I selected were silk. They were and we started photographing colors and patterns and texting textures. All tolled I purchased about 31 m of fabric - my sister estimates $750 - $1000 in the NY Fabric District for a price of $250. Lisa introduced us to a fantastic dumpling restaurant I'm sorry I can't remember the name. They are a chain with two new US franchises. Qinqin took us to a small family restaurant near the Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou. There I was introduced to the greatest delicacy in all Chinese culinary arts, Dongpo pork also known as 7-layer pork or by its more familiar American name fatback. So good. I would highly recommend Miki Tours to anyone I know is visiting Shanghai. Knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, articulate. Be warned that the company is very rigid on their hours and any agreements on time need to be clearly written down.
    Tuesday 16/12/2014
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