Second item of baggage

General terms and conditions

The option of a second item of baggage is available to passengers who have made a reservation with ticket issue for a flight that is operated by SWISS (LX flight number).

What to observe when purchasing

  • A passenger can only purchase one option for each non-stop trip.
  • The option can also be purchased later through your personal profile or at Check-in.
  • An online purchase must be made at least 36 hours before departure.
  • The charges for this option are made in the currency of the country of departure.
  • Any baggage that exceeds the purchased amount will be charged at the excess baggage rate.
  • The invoice for the second item of baggage must not be copied or amended.
  • SWISS reserves the right to legal action in the event of fraud
  • The tariffs and conditions for this option may change at any time and without prior notification.

This option is not available for:

  • Small children under the age of 2
  • Star Alliance Round-the-World tickets

Redeem option

  • Print the receipt after the purchase has been confirmed. It will be emailed to the address provided during the purchase process.
  • Present the purchase receipt and the credit card used for the purchase at the Check-in desk or baggage desk.
  • This option is only valid for the flight and date given on the receipt.

All baggage is transported in accordance with the general SWISS Terms of transportation for passengers and baggage.


  • Baggage charges purchased through and paid in advance will only be refunded on presentation of a refund application for flight tickets.
  • Baggage charges purchased through and paid in advance cannot be transferred to other individuals or airlines. If you change your flight, you will lose the option for a second item of baggage.
  • If you change your flight, the option for a second item of baggage becomes invalid
  • The option becomes invalid at the end of your trip and can no longer be refunded.


If an electronic document such as the purchase receipt for this option is lost, you can request a copy of it through your personal profile.