Best quality

Meals in SWISS Economy

Your ticket entitles you to enjoy, as well as fly. On board, we serve a selection of meals and snacks made from fresh seasonal products of the very best Swiss quality.

  • European flights

    SWISS Chocolate

    The culinary offer in Economy Class Europe is determined by the duration of your flight. We serve either a small snack or light meal, and a hot meal on longer flights. To go with them, we offer the most popular soft drinks and fruit juices as well as wine, beer and digestifs. Meals and all drinks are included in the price of all SWISS tickets.

Whenever possible, we use Swiss products. Our sandwiches are freshly made three times a day in a traditional Swiss bakery. The Quöllfrisch beer in our beverages offer comes from the Appenzell region. And every year, we serve our passengers 14 million sweet greetings in the form of the best Swiss chocolate.

  • Intercontinental flights

    SWISS Economy

    You have the choice of two hot meals on long haul flights. One is for meat-lovers, and the other is a vegetarian alternative based on a Hiltl recipe. On most flights we also serve popular Swiss cheeses such as Gruyere, Appenzeller or Tête de Moine.

Special meals can be booked in advance and include meals for children and babies, as well as various options for passengers with specific dining habits or preferences, allergies or special dietary needs. These special menus are free of charge and can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure.