Automated check-in

All you have to do is board

Choose automated check-in when you book your flight at We will automatically send you your boarding pass by email to print out or as a mobile boarding pass to your smartphone.

How it works

Are you travelling only with hand baggage and want to go staight to the gate? Then opt for automated check-in. You will benefit from this option if you book at at least three days before departure, and if automated check-in is offered for your destination. Depending on the route and your flight class, you can book your chosen seat when you make your online booking.

If you would like to change your seat after booking or enter your frequent flyer number, use the link that comes with your boarding pass. If you have any baggage to check in, please go to the appropriate desk at the airport.

If you have not received a boarding pass or a notification up to 20 hours before your departure, you will not be able to use automated check-in. However, you will be able to choose from any of the other check-in options

Additional passenger information

Some countries require additional passenger information before people may enter them. Please enter this information at up to 72 hours before your departure. If the information is incomplete or not available, we will notify you by email or SMS around 20 hours before departure. In this event, please use one of the other check-in options.