The innovative ones

In 2016 SWISS will begin introducing the brand new Bombardier CSeries aircraft as the successor to its existing Avro RJ100 fleet, which numbers 20 aircraft.

Bombardier CS100

Bombardier CSeries 100

Code: CS1 / CS3

Thanks to innovation in cabin design, passengers can look forward to a significant increase in travel comfort. Further, in terms of human auditory sensitivity the new aircraft generates only half the noise level of its predecessor.

Special features

The new aircraft type applies the latest advances in engine, systems and materials technology to set new standards in terms of profitability and environmental compatibility. Fuel consumption compared to the Avro fleet will be reduced by as much as one quarter.

Bombardier CSeries Flight Deck

Technical details

Seats121 (2 classes)
Business / Economy Class
  • Engines

    2x Pratt & Whitney PW1500G

  • Max. thrust per engine

    10'560 kg

  • Span

    35.10 m

  • Length

    35 m

  • Height

    11.50 m

  • Crew

    2 / 2

  • Seats

    121 (16 / 105)

  • Max. takeoff weight

    58'500 kg

  • Max. landing weight

    50'800 kg

  • Maximum speed

    871 km/h

  • Max. range with a full load

    5'460 km