Mobile check-in

Makes your smartphone really smart

You need a smartphone and a few minutes of time, perhaps at a hotel, on the go or between meetings. We'll send your boarding pass to your mobile phone. Couldn't be more flexible or more efficient.

How it works

In order to use mobile check-in, you need an Internet-enabled mobile phone, and the airport from which you are departing must support this form of check-in. Mobile check-in may incur charges for data transmission.

Overview of airports

Your mobile check-in opens 23 hours before departure. Go to on your smartphone. Register with your name and booking reference. Choose your seat. We will send you a text message or an e-mail with a link the mobile boarding pass. You do not have to print it out.

Mobile boarding pass

The mobile boarding pass on your smartphone replaces the paper one. It is valid at baggage drop locations, document checkpoints, duty free shops and at the gate when boarding. You decide whether you want to receive your mobile boarding pass as a text message or e-mail link.

  • By text message:

    Open the link in the text message, and you have your boarding pass. If you import the mobile boarding pass into the SWISS app, you can retrieve the document at any time without Internet access

  • By e-mail:

    Open the mail with the boarding pass on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded your mobile boarding pass, you can retrieve it at any time after that without Internet access. This boarding pass is only intended for use on your smartphone.