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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

  • Shake Shack

    Best burger
    The legendary «roadside» burger stand right inside Madison Square Park definitely serves up the juiciest burger in the world. Each burger is made of 100% Black Angus beef, with no hormones or antibiotics, naturally. They go down easily with a generous portion of fries and a homemade lemonade. Afterwards, plop yourself down on a park bench and enjoy the view of the Flat Iron Building and the comical activities of New York’s legendarily cheeky squirrels. That’s New York in a nutshell. And for vegetarians there’s the Shroom Burger. The restaurant has multiple stands throughout New York.
    Madison Square Park | New York 10010
    +1 (212) 889 6600
  • Bombay Talkie

    Inexpensive Indian
    Those looking for an Indian restaurant couldn't do better than Bombay Talkie. Such delicious recipes in a wonderful atmosphere that many are calling it the «best Indian place in New York». And all of that comes at moderate prices.
    189 9th Avenue (between 21st and 22nd Street) | New York 10011
    +1 (212) 242 1900
  • Diner

    Modern American
    This charming diner in Williamsburg dating back to 1927 unfortunately has long lines out front. This gives you time to order a drink at the bar and admire the art deco mosaic floor or consider the Williamsburg hipster crowd while you wait. Later, after the waitress has jauntily written the menu on the paper tablecloth and served up a modern interpretation of American cuisine, you’ll get it: this place isn’t hip for hipness’ sake but because the food, the atmosphere and the cool, friendly service blend to perfection.
    85 Broadway | New York 10006
    +1 718 486 3077
  • Buddakan

    Hidden within a black, nondescript building in the Meatpacking District is one of the hippest restaurants in New York. The ambiance is a mixture of Baroque and Asian influence with a spectacular lighting concept. This is where Carrie and her friends dined in the first Sex and the City film, and this is where you'll see Louboutins and the like. The highlight is the descent from the cocktail lounge into the dining area: long tables ablaze with golden light from enormous lamps. And they save the best for last: an exciting menu of mouthwatering Asian fusion cuisine.
    75 9th Avenue | New York 10011
    +1 (212) 989 6699
  • Union Square Cafe

    A New York legend
    Union Square Cafe has been ranked New York's Most Popular Restaurant for multiple years running. Executive chef Michael Romano gets the ingredients for the American dishes directly from the adjacent market. It isn’t easy to get a reservation, but there’s always room to get to know this New York legend at the walk-in bar attached to the restaurant.
    21 East 16th Street | New York 10003
    +1 (212) 243 4020
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar

    Hot spot at the railway station
    The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful railway station restaurants in the world. This venerable dining establishment opened its doors in the basement of the Grand Central Station in 1913. The Spanish architect Rafael Guastavino, who brought the Catalonian style to America, designed the gorgeous white-tiled vaulted ceiling of the oyster bar. Seep into the ambiance, shoulder-to-shoulder with New York businesspeople seated on bar stools as you work your way through the incredible oyster menu or spoon up your Manhattan clam chowder in peace.
    89 East 42nd Street | New York 10017
    +1 (212) 490 6650
  • Buddha Bar

    Asian cult
    Visitors who step foot in the Buddha Bar in Now York set eyes on a different world. Antique Thai Buddha statues, burbling fountains, stylish tables, inviting chairs and candlelight – and all of this accompanied by the typical Buddha Bar music played live. Though the restaurant has already spread offshoots to several large cities, nothing dims the radiance of the original. And the food – Asian cuisine with a French accent – is sublime.
    25 Little West 12th St | New York 10014
    +1 (212) 64 7314
  • Momofuku Ko

    Top restaurant
    David Chang is one of the hottest chefs in the US at present. His crossover cuisine could hardly be better suited for representing the melting pot of New York. He blends elements of French, Italian, Korean and Japanese cuisine with such virtuosity that gourmet fans and critics are left with nothing to do but ooh and aah. He has four restaurants in New York for your dining pleasure: in addition to the award-winning Momofuku Ssäm and Ma pêche, noodle fans should not miss the Momofuku Noodle Bar. Gourmands will be in epicurean heaven at Momofuku Ko. though note that you must make reservations online and you only have a short window of opportunity. The tables book out in a jiffy.
    163 1st Avenue, between 10th and 11th Street | New York 10003
    +1 (212) 228 7293
  • Restaurant A Voce

    Forget everything you think you know about Italian food. The chef, Missy Robbins, lovingly nicknamed the «pasta wizard» because of her fantastic pasta creations like trofie with black olives or corzetti with walnuts and golden beets, bowls diners over with her contemporary interpretations of Italian cuisine. And who’s ever tasted a panna cotta with olive oil and fresh basil? Precisely. The Italian restaurant A Voce on Columbus Circle is a spin-off of the original one at Madison Square Park. The dining area looks like a fashionable showroom. Guests sit on designer chairs admiring the view of Central Park through the floor-to-ceiling windows.
    10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor | New York 10023
    +1 (212) 823 2523
  • Magnolia Bakery

    Most famous cupcakes
    A trip to New York without devouring a cupcake? Unthinkable. It’s a must to take the pilgrimage to the mecca of these colossal sweets – to Magnolia Bakery After being featured in the TV series «Sex and the City», they may be so popular that waiting in line is pretty much guaranteed, but once one of these pastel-coloured sugary dreams hits your palate, you’ll realise how worth the wait they are. The original business is on Bleeker Street, but there are branches at Bloomingdale’s, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center and on Columbus Avenue.
    401 Bleecker Street | New York 10014
    +1 (212) 462 2572
  • Café Epistrophy

    Celebrity Watching
    Stars like Scarlett Johansson like to stop in here and have a coffee. But whether you’re a celebrity watcher or not, Epistrophy offers a laid back atmosphere in the middle of SoHo where you can enjoy a real Italian coffee or a tasty panino and relax after shopping your feet off.
    200 Mott Street | New York 10012
    +1 (212) 966 0904
  • Schiller’s Liquor Bar

    In the heart of the Lower East Side, you’ll see the glowing «Schiller’s» sign in front of white tiled walls from a distance away. Simply go in and enjoy a cocktail. Inside music blares from the loudspeakers. The bar is always well filled by 7 p.m. But the racket still remains wonderfully laid back. And if you get the midnight munchies, they serve up some hearty dishes: steak & fries, a grilled chicken club or fish & chips.
    131 Rivington Street | New York 10002
    +1 (212) 260 4555
  • Le Bain & Top of the Standard Aka Boom Boom Room

    On the Top
    Le Bain is a bar and club in one – on the roof of the Standard Hotel. Inside patrons lounge comfortably on designer wicker chairs and admire the most spectacular view of the Hudson River, Midtown and the Financial District. If you’re in the mood to dance, wait until later in the evening and go up one floor, where you can dance until deep into the night or leap into the Le Bain club pool with the same overwhelming view. If you like your evening more tranquil, then the no less incredible Top of the Standard bar one door further down is just the right place. The bar is only open to everyone until 10 p.m. After that, the Boom Boom Room belongs to New York’s A list crowd.
    848 Washington Street | New York 10014
    +1 (212) 645 4646
  • Employees only

    Art deco pub
    As is becoming pretty typical for New York «in» places, there’s nothing on the door to indicate that there’s a great bar inside. The only thing crackling in the window is the glowing neon «psychic» sign. But those who dare to enter are whisked back to the 1920s. Behind the art deco bar you’ll find five moustachioed men who look like they come directly out of the series «Boardwalk Empire» mixing up their well known ginger smash. If you’re still in the bar at 4 a.m., there’s a little surprise waiting for you.
    510 Hudson Street, between Christopher und West 10th Street | New York 10014
    +1 (212) 242 3021