Before becoming a globetrotter, Nick worked in the IT world. Since hitting the road in February 2010 he has visited 23 countries and along the way developed a great passion for new challenges.

As a 21st century solo Marco Polo he has gained expertise in researching and exploring new destinations, paying close attention to detail and maximising opportunities. Despite some setbacks along the way – such as a robbery, a harpoon wound and a hurricane – he remains an enthusiastic traveller with an insatiable appetite for adventure, which is precisely what awaits him during his six months as the SWISS Explorer.

Back in May of this year, SWISS launched the SWISS Explorer project, inviting potential candidates to submit video applications illustrating their creativity, originality and personality, and ultimately their suitability for the position. The response was nothing short of overwhelming. More than 1,400 submissions arrived. Through a combination of social media participation and SWISS internal assessment, 10 semi-finalists were chosen, one of whom was Nicolas. They were then brought together at Zurich Airport. In addition to going through a regular job interview, they were assigned to race against the clock and create an individual video presentation on the airport as a destination. Their ability to perform under pressure would turn out to be crucial.

When the dust cleared, Nick and two other candidates remained in the running. In the final round he was tasked with creating a destination report about Zurich, while his competitors were asked to do the same for Berlin and Barcelona. And in early July, after a neck-and-neck race, the social media community delivered their winner: as of September 2014, Nicolas Martin would be taking to the skies as the SWISS Explorer.

Nick’s original application video

Nick’s finalist’s report on Zurich