Article 05


5.1 Reservation requirements

5.1.1 We or our Authorised Agent will record your reservation(s). We will also provide you with written confirmation of your reservation(s) on request.

5.1.2 Certain Tariffs have conditions which limit or exclude your right to change or cancel reservations.

5.2 Payment deadline

If you have not paid for your Ticket by the check-in deadline publicised, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

5.3 Personal data

5.3.1 You recognise that personal data have been given to us for the purposes of: making a reservation, purchasing a Ticket and other services you have chosen, developing and providing services, facilitating immigration and entry procedures, and making your travel data which you have provided available to the relevant authorities. For these purposes, you authorise us to retain and use such data and to pass them on to our own offices, Authorised Agents, authorities, other Carriers or the providers of the above-mentioned services.

5.3.2 We may also give your name and address to third parties if your conduct causes damage or injury to other passengers.

5.3.3 You are aware that the authorities of certain countries require, for security and immigration purposes, access to pass travel data related to travelling to and from such countries, and you authorize us to transfer to such authorities for the mentioned purposes Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, such as your full name, date of birth, complete home address, telephone numbers, information on your travel partners, date of reservation/ticket issuance and of intended travel, payment information, your travel status and travel itinerary, Frequent Flyer information, information concerning your historical changes to the PNR et cetera. You are aware that this data could be transferred to countries where the data is not equivalent to that provided under Swiss law.

5.3.4 Under U.S. Law, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will receive information on PNR data, about passenger's flights from the U.S. The U.S. authorities have made the same presentations towards Switzerland with respect to PNR data from flights between Switzerland and the U.S.A. as it has done in its Undertakings towards the European Union, CBP has undertaken that it uses this PNR data for the preventing and combating terrorism and other transnational serious crimes. The information will be retained for at least 3 years and six months and may be shared with other authorities. Further information about these arrangements, including measures to safeguard your personal data can be obtained from the CBP's website.

5.4 Seating

5.4.1 Seat reservations subject to reservation charges: If you paid for your seat reservation you have a right to a certain seat category (standard seat, preferred seat, extra leg room seat). On continental flights, we guarantee you the assigned seat characteristics window, aisle or centre seat. In case of rebooking made by us (except in cases of complementary up-grades), in case of flight cancellation or in the event of changes made by us for operational, safety, security or other reasons we will refund you the amount paid for your reservation if your desired seat category is not available. If you cancel or rebook your ticket the amount paid for the seat reservation will not be refunded.

5.4.2 Complimentary reservations: In case of a complimentary seat reservation we will endeavour to honour advance seating requests; however, we cannot guarantee any particular seat. We reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, safety, security.

5.5 Reconfirmation of reservations

5.5.1 Onward or return reservations may have to be reconfirmed within specified time limits. We will advise you when we require such reconfirmation, and how and where it should be done. If a reconfirmation is required and you fail to do so, we may cancel your onward or return reservations. However, if you advise us that you still wish to travel, we will reinstate your reservation and transport you if there is space on the flight. If there is no longer space on the flight, we will do what we can under the circumstances to transport you to your next or final destination.

5.5.2 We advise you to check with any other Carriers involved in your journey on their own reconfirmation requirements. You may need to reconfirm your reservation with the Carrier whose code is shown on the Ticket for the flight in question.

5.6 Cancellation of onward reservations

Please note that if you do not show up for a flight without advising us in advance, we may cancel your return or onward reservations. But if you do advise us in advance that you will not be taking the initial flight concerned, we will not cancel any subsequent flight reservations.