©Stefanie Rigutto

Cycling in the jungle

I hopped on a bike in Bangkok and rode through the jungle. Two jungles, in fact! First I cycled through the big city jungle where I was escorted by a cheerful guide who took me through narrow alleys, over rickety wooden bridges and virtually through people’s living rooms. All the while children ran after me, calling: «Hello, white lady!» Then, after we crossed the Chao Phraya River, we were suddenly surrounded by the real, lush, tropical jungle and an enchanting maze of waterways where we pedalled over footbridges, past golden Buddhas and people dozing in hammocks. When they saw us, they stared in wonder, peeled themselves out of their hammocks, massaged our shoulders, and sold us Tiger Balm. The Bangkok skyline glittered in the distance. It was magical. It was hot. It was – fabulous!
Bangkok Jungle Bicycle Tour
25 km, 3.5 hours, about CHF 34

Stefanie Rigutto (36) works for Switzerland Tourism and was a reporter for the «annabelle» magazine and travel editor for the «SonntagsZeitung». She alsoblogged her travels and has twice received our SWISS Media Award.

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