© Stefanie Rigutto

The avenue of butchers

«We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue», sang Eddy Grant back in the eighties. Electric Avenue in Brixton – deepest South London, last stop on the Victoria Line – was the first street in London to be illuminated by electricity. That was in 1880. Today, the stars of Electric Avenue are not the light bulbs, but the butchers! There are countless butcher shops, and they’re all into gangsta, with hoodies (hygiene?!), rap blaring from the speakers, and wolf-whistles for the ladies. But, you’re going to have to run this gauntlet if you want to get to the arcades where you’ll find some great little shops. And you pay for your purchases – in Brixton pounds! It’s hard to believe, but this district has its own currency.

Stefanie Rigutto (36) works for Switzerland Tourism and was a reporter for the «annabelle» magazine and travel editor for the «SonntagsZeitung». She alsoblogged her travels and has twice received our SWISS Media Award.

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