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Chor Bizarre

There are loads of Indian restaurants in London, but one of them is unique: Chor Bizarre. The restaurant is extremely central, at 16 Albemarle Street – opposite Brown's Hotel. The laid-back atmosphere, the traditional Indian cuisine and the extremely friendly staff turn a meal here into an unforgettable experience. I can recommend the Royal Platter for twenty-five pounds. Starters and main courses comprising a range of delicious dishes whisk you away to the culinary realms of India. This platter is also available for vegetarians, and is just as delicious. Don't forget to order naan bread on the side for the ultimate dining experience.

Alban (Business Analyst & Project Leader E-Commerce)
16 Albemarle Street, Mayfair
London W1S 4HW
Phone  +44 20 7629 9802
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