Great Court at the British Museum
Great Court at the British Museum
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British Museum

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  • Well organized , Secured good working. The supervisors are v carefull and hard working The staff especially Reem is amazing She is good welcoming and careful. Hard working I noticed her with the others also. They are active team. Good luck for all. I asked my friends to visit the place. It shows culture and knowledge of others.
    Al T
    Friday 26/08/2016
  • Had no idea the British Museum housed so many AMAZING pieces of history within it's walls. Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs, antiquities from the Parthenon, Egyptian statues, Katebet's mummy, the ROSETTA STONE... incredible. Haven't seen so many wonderful artifacts since our visit to Greece and Egypt! Definitely a "must" stop for visitors to London!
    Thursday 25/08/2016
Great Russell Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 3DG
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