Advance seat reservation

Select seats when booking complete

If you have already booked a flight through a travel agent or and have not yet reserved a seat, you can do this now; it will only take a few moments.

Step 1: Go to your booking at

On the homepage, click on "Login", and enter your first and last names and your booking reference or e-ticket number to call up your booking. You can also use your profile to call up your flight. Log in with your user name/password, and choose the flight you want.

Step 2: Open seat map

To reserve a seat, click on "Reserve seat" and "Select" in your booking details. This brings up the seating plan.

Step 3: Choose your preferred seats

In order to choose your seats click on your preferred seat in the seat map and confirm your selection by clicking on "Save".

The various seat categories are identified in different colours.

  • White = standard seat
  • Orange = seat in the preferred zone
  • Blue = seat with extra legroom

Seats that have already been allocated are marked with a cross (x).

The above mentioned information is read to screenreader-users in the seatmap.

Step 4: Complete reservation

In the final step, you can check your chosen seat again and add your payment details. Then click on "Purchase seat". The booking confirmation will appear and show you a summary of your chosen services, and a receipt will be sent to the e-mail address stored in our system.