SWISS flight to Malaga

Follow in Pablo Picasso's footsteps before heading for the Costa del Sol for some bathing. Explore one of the most charming harbour towns with fabulous tapas bars and a historic centre.

SWISS flight to Amsterdam

Discover the exceptional architecture and an unbeatable culinary offer. Amsterdam, the city of bicycles, is so much more than just a romantic idyll of canals and tulips - see for yourself.

SWISS flight to Stockholm

Be enchanted by Stockholm's charm and enjoy the unique flair. Nordic design is more evident in this city than anywhere else. So - get exploring!

SWISS flight to Athens

Experience a city of Antiquity and ancient deities. Marble, statues and temples - the ancient ruins are visible everywhere. And after an exciting stay in the city, you can head off for some island-hopping!

SWISS flight to Barcelona

Visit the Sagrada Familia and the Park Güell by Antoni Gaudí, and enjoy the long sandy beach after an extensive shopping trip. This city has a flair that is simply incomparable.

SWISS flight to Belgrade

Floating house clubs and underground parties – experience Serbia's party city. But be sure not to miss wide-awake Belgrade, a lively, friendly city in transition.

SWISS flight to Birmingham

Discover, be amazed and enjoy – whether one of the many cultural events, a comedy evening at the Glee Club or on a shopping trip. Birmingham is multifaceted, and radiates charm.

SWISS flight to Bangkok

Sample the delicious Thai cuisine, ride a tuktuk through the city and pamper yourself with a relaxing massage. Bangkok is a metropolis that fascinates.

SWISS flight to Mumbai

Inhale new smells; experience what it is like to suddenly see a cow on the crossroads, and go on a visit to the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world. Mumbai is a fascinating city of millions with a Bollywood flair.

SWISS flight to Boston

Wonderful buildings, the historic city and Harvard University – explore Boston on foot. Enjoy a memorable stay in a not-very-typical American city.

SWISS flight to Brussels

Discover the liveliness, the dynamic cultural life and the unquenchable avant-garde spirit of Brussels. Europe's capital enjoys good food - which you should enjoy sampling!

SWISS flight to Basel

Stroll through the lovely, well-maintained old town, admiring the many art institutions, and enjoy a trip down the Rhine. Discover Basel, "Switzerland's cultural capital".

SWISS flight to Budapest

Follow the historic footsteps through the castle quarter; relax in one of the thermal baths, and sample the Hungarian cuisine. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in Budapest.

SWISS flight to Bucharest

Admire the unique French-tinged architecture, and explore the many colourful markets and numerous museums. Enjoy your stay in the cultural stronghold of Bucharest.

SWISS flight to Cairo

Be amazed by the wonders of the world such as the Sphinx or the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and enjoy the breathtaking views from Cairo Tower. Cairo is also the perfect starting point for a beach holiday on the Red Sea.

SWISS flight to Paris

Let yourself be enchanted by this unique city. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame and romantic walks in the evening – enjoy an unforgettable stay in the city of love.

SWISS flight to Copenhagen

Explore the green metropolis with its fabulous parks and beaches - by bike. Visit the Little Mermaid and Denmark's most famous attraction - the Tivoli. Enjoy Copenhagen.

SWISS flight to Cape Town

Watch the whales, stand on the Cape of Good Hope and enjoy the South African wine. Set out on a search for the loveliest light in the world that makes even photographers stop in their tracks.

SWISS flight to Dar es Salaam

Experience the colourful life in Dar es Salaam. Stroll through one of the many markets, be amazed by the typical Tanzanian art and go on a visit to Zanzibar – a breathtaking island.

SWISS flight to Delhi

Experience a city where two worlds collide: luxury cars on wide streets; oxcarts in the old town. It is these opposites, these impressions, that make a visit to Delhi so fascinating.

SWISS flight to Dublin

Experience pub culture up close over a pint of Guinness. Dublin has plenty on offer for culture-lovers and followers of fashion, and with the traditional Irish music will definitely create a lasting impression.

SWISS flight to Düsseldorf

Go shopping on the "Kö", visit one of the popular restaurants at the MediaHarbour and enjoy an "Alt-Bier" in the old town. Düsseldorf is a city of many facets that surprise and delight.

SWISS flight to Dubai

Immerse yourself in a world of superlatives - luxury hotels, oversized shopping malls and fabulous gourmet temples. For an unforgettable holiday straight out of the Arabian Nights.

SWISS flight to New York (EWR)

Explore the city that never sleeps. Endless shopping pleasure, fabulous art and culture, wonderful parks, numerous cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs - New York has it all!

SWISS flight to Rome

Admire the world-famous sights such as the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Colosseum. Visit its chic boutiques and enjoy "la dolce vita" over a cappuccino.

SWISS flight to Florence

Revel in the time of the Renaissance; be amazed by the real David live, and find out all about the latest fashion trends. Enjoy Florence the city of art and beauty.

SWISS flight to Frankfurt

Visit the fascinating city of finance on the Rhine - it's so much more than banks and the Stock Exchange. Explore the historic sights, fabulous shopping and cool nightlife.

SWISS flight to Gothenburg

Be enchanted by the unique Nordic charm: a terrific cultural scene, chic shopping streets, and an incomparable selection of freshly-caught fish and seafood in the Feskekörka.

SWISS flight to São Paulo

Brightly-coloured and lively – explore São Paulo. A juxtaposition of contrasts that blend to create a delightful whole. Collect impressions that are bursting with contrasts!

SWISS flight to Geneva

Enjoy the fabulous views of the Alps, visit the UNO and admire the Jet d'Eau, the 140 metre high water fountain. The "City of Peace" delights with its international flair.

SWISS flight to Hanover

Enjoy a picnic beside the Maschsee and visit the famous zoo. Hanover is equally fascinating for culture-lovers and night owls, and is so much more than just a trade fair city.

SWISS flight to Hamburg

To experience Hamburg as the gateway to the world on the Elbe, when the huge ships sail by, or perhaps to linger on the Alster with its many canals and enjoy the feeling of just being at home. You decide.

SWISS flight to Hong Kong

Be inspired by the combination of the modern and the traditional, and visit the wonderful temples and parks in the middle of the city. Experience Hong Kong - the city that combines East and West.

SWISS flight to Phuket

Enjoy the paradisiacal nature with fabulous sandy beaches, turquoise sea, palm trees and mangrove woods. And there are all sorts of exotic fruits to further sweeten your stay. Welcome to paradise!

SWISS flight to Istanbul

Stroll across the lively bazaars; sample some of the Turkish sweetmeats available on the stands, and enjoy the fabulous views of the Bosporus and the impressive ancient buildings. Have fun!

SWISS flight to New York, John F. Kennedy International Airport

Explore the city that never sleeps. Endless shopping pleasure, fabulous art and culture, wonderful parks, numerous cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs - New York has it all!

SWISS flight to Johannesburg

Experience the Africa feeling up close: discover the historic sights, and let this be your starting point for an unforgettable safari. Be sure to make a stop in the world's greenest city.

SWISS flight to Kiev

Experience the activity on popular Kreschatik and enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the Podil. Explore a historic and yet contemporary city with lots of surprising facets.

SWISS flight to Los Angeles

Follow the Walk of Fame, enjoy the Californian sun on Venice Beach and spend an unforgettable day in Universal Studios. The LA lifestyle has to be experienced.

SWISS flight to London City

Admire Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Treat yourself to some shopping on Oxford Street followed by afternoon tea in this city on the Thames. Discover a metropolis that sets trends.

SWISS flight to Saint Petersburg

Stroll along the magnificent boulevards, past fabulous buildings, and on to Zayachy island with all its breathtaking sights. See the magical city of the tsars.

SWISS flight to London Heathrow

Admire Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Treat yourself to some shopping on Oxford Street followed by afternoon tea in this city on the Thames. Discover a metropolis that sets trends.

SWISS flight to Lisbon

The perfect place to relax – whether partying, exploring the city or sunbathing. Lisbon is lively, cheerful, warm and impressive all at the same time. The city is simply a terrific travel destination.

SWISS flight to Las Palmas

Enjoy lovely sandy beaches, the vibrant nightlife, endless water sports and unforgettable sunsets. There’s a special flair in Las Palmas, and it’s one you simply have to experience.

SWISS flight to Lugano

Discover Switzerland's sun parlour. Enjoy the lovely parks, fabulous villas and the wonderful ambience of Lake Lugano. Lugano is also the perfect starting point for exploring Ticino.

SWISS flight to Luxemburg

Enjoy some culinary pampering and the wine – Luxemburg is considered a gourmet paradise. Furthermore, the Corniche is Europe's prettiest balcony and, like the old town, is worth a visit.

SWISS flight to Lyon

Be amazed by the culinary capital of France. Admire the Renaissance buildings, murals and bridges. Lyon is a city for connoisseurs, and makes it easy to forget the rest of the world.

SWISS flight to Madrid

Enjoy a flamenco show and admire the fabulous royal palace and Catedral de la Almudena. Full of contrasts, exciting and yet comfortable – it’s a city for art lovers and connoisseurs.

SWISS flight to Manchester

Attend a match by Manchester United and go climbing in a church. But Manchester has just as much to offer musically as it does in sports. Immerse yourself in this open, vibrant city.

SWISS flight to Muscat

Go diving in the Gulf of Oman and admire the historic buildings, oriental markets and beautiful sandy beaches. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in the fairytale-like port.

SWISS flight to Miami

Beaches, celebrities, art, shopping, drinks, restaurants and nightlife – welcome to Miami! Experience unforgettable days in the hot beach metropolis with a high glamour factor.

SWISS flight to Malé

Travel to paradise on earth. Solitary tropical islands, wide, white sandy beaches surrounded by brightly coloured underwater worlds – perfect for those seeking relaxation, for divers and lovers.

SWISS flight to Moscow

Explore historic buildings, glowing churches and - of course - the Cathedral of St. Basilius with its nine brightly-coloured towers on the Red Square. Moscow is a beautiful city.

SWISS flight to Munich

Discover the city's two best-known cultural goods – its beer and the Oktoberfest. But Munich has much more to offer: The English Garden, Viktualienmarkt and Maximilianstrasse are only the beginning.

SWISS flight to Milan

Treat yourself to a completely new outfit - or to the latest chic home accessories. Milan is full of beauty. Enjoy "la dolce vita" at its very best.

SWISS flight to Nairobi

Stop for a while at Kenya's vibrant core heart before moving on to its beaches or the famous national parks. A pleasant climate, interesting markets and amazing variety of wildlife await you.

SWISS flight to Nice

How about a stroll along the celebrated Promenade des Anglais, then see all kinds of art followed by some shopping? Explore the capital of the Côte d'Azur – a pearl on the Mediterranean.

SWISS flight to Tokyo

Experience the world's biggest, most fascinating metropolis. You can hardly hear yourself think for the constant flashing and beeping. This city will draw you in with its unbridled force.

SWISS flight to Nuremberg

Take an exciting journey through time. Stroll past the magnificent timber-framed buildings and idyllic squares, all the way up to the Kaiserburg, and then satisfy your appetite with a Nuremberg bratwurst.

SWISS flight to Chicago

Be amazed by the 20th century architectural highlights. Relax beside Lake Michigan and experience the legendary music scene. This city delights for its tremendous flair and culture.

SWISS flight to Oslo

Visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Lots of exciting things await you in this charming, picturesque city at the mouth of the Oslo Fjord.

SWISS flight to Beijing

Discover the Forbidden City, the Square of Heavenly Peace and the biggest structure in the world – the Great Wall of China. The three-thousand year history and tradition of Beijing are simply amazing.

SWISS flight to Palma de Mallorca

Enjoy the sunshine on the sandy beach, on the golf course or on a walk along the promenade. Let the island metropolis work its magic on you, and enjoy an unforgettable stay.

SWISS flight to Prague

Discover the Golden City on the Vltava (Moldau). Stroll across the Charles Bridge, and enjoy the views of the city from Prague Castle. But don't forget to try the delicious beer!

SWISS flight to Shanghai

Experience Shanghai, the city that perfectly combines traditional and modern China. The metropolis is still on the way to the future - an exciting journey awaits you.

SWISS flight to San Francisco

Follow the bends of Lombard Street, cross the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy a trolley ride on the cable car. And let yourself be infected by the San Franciscans' love of life!

SWISS flight to Singapore

Immerse yourself in a world full of surprises. Skyscrapers, garden oases and cleanliness are only a few words that describe this brilliant tropical metropolis - enjoy exploring it!

SWISS flight to Stuttgart

Stroll through the vineyards, down narrow alleys and past beautiful castles. However, Stuttgart is more than a romantic idyll. It is just the place for culture-, shopping- and automobile-lovers.

SWISS flight to Tenerife

Relaxing, bathing, sports – Tenerife is ideal for connoisseurs and the adventurous. Enjoy a holiday with plenty of variety on the volcanic island where the thermometer is always set to spring.

SWISS flight to Tel Aviv

Travel to the city beside the turquoise sea, and combine a city trip with bathing fun. Life is celebrated and lived to the full in this city. Be sure not to miss the beach parties!

SWISS flight to Berlin

See the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag parliament building and remains of the Berlin Wall. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in one of the world's most exciting and irresistible cities - one that is full of contrasts!

SWISS flight to Venice

Take a gondola around Venice. Enjoy the light play and the calm that is interrupted only by the monotonous splashing of the oar. Venice - a city for romantics and connoisseurs.

SWISS flight to Vienna

Enjoy a nostalgic ride through the city in a horse-drawn carriage; sample the delights in the many cafés, and discover the trendy shops in the up-and-coming "in" quarter. Vienna - enchanting Danube metropolis.

SWISS flight to Valencia

Feast on an excellent paella and drink a horchata – you can do that anywhere, any time in Valencia. Enjoy a memorable stay in the city, among orange trees and the Mediterranean.

SWISS flight to Warsaw

Feel Warsaw's energy. The city offers exciting sightseeing, but is also the perfect venue for conferences. You will be amazed by the modernisation that Warsaw has undergone.

SWISS flight to Montreal

Explore the "fun city" with its picturesque old town. French savoir-vivre combined with Anglo-Saxon inventiveness – a cultural mix that makes Montreal a unique city.

SWISS flight to Vancouver

Experience the breathtaking, varied beauty of the Pacific. A picnic in Stanley Park; shopping on Robson Street, skiing or hiking on Grouse Mountain - Vancouver has it all.

SWISS flight to Toronto

Musicals, comedy, theatre, ballet – so many events to choose from. Toronto is a fascinating, exciting and lively metropolis on Lake Ontario where you'll instantly feel at home.

SWISS flight to Zurich

Admire the fabulous mountain views from the lake, and stroll through the old town or along the famous Bahnhofstrasse. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in this enchanting lakeside city.

SWISS flight to Bari

The charming harbour town on the Adriatic has some wonderful beaches, and is home to many architectural sights.

SWISS flight to Bilbao

Discover the world-famous architecture and cultural wealth of the largest city in the Basque country.

SWISS flight to Brindisi

This harbour town on the Adriatic has a moving cultural history, which many of its buildings bear witness to. There are also many interesting places to visit in the surrounding area.

SWISS flight to Dresden

Learn about 800 years of art and culture on the Elbe, and immerse yourself in the baroque cityscape.

SWISS flight to Gothenburg

Sweden's second largest city is considered the cultural centre of the country, and is surrounded by a fascinating island world.

SWISS flight to Graz

Graz is a veritable travel gem, whether as a cool city for a weekend trip or a relaxing holiday. Not for nothing is it one of the loveliest destinations in Austria.

SWISS flight to Helsinki

Be enchanted by its unique Nordic charm: a terrific cultural scene; chic shopping streets, and an incomparable selection of freshly-caught fish and seafood.

SWISS flight to Izmir

Turkey's third largest city is on the Aegean, and has a most impressive beach promenade. No one should miss its countless ancient sites and the well-known Kemeralti Bazaar.

SWISS flight to Cracow

The royal and university city is the historico-cultural centre of the country, and delights with its architectural diversity.

SWISS flight to Leipzig

This city literally breathes a passion for art and culture, and at the same time as a lively business location is the secret capital of Saxony.

SWISS flight to Ljubljana

The city is situated at the heart of Slovenia, embedded between the Alps and the Adriatic, and is something of an insider's tip for city travellers.

SWISS flight to Malta

A tiny area that offers sea, beaches, parties and historic cities with tremendous cultural variety.

SWISS flight to Naples

This city exudes typical "Italianità" more than almost any other city in the country. It is famous all over the world for its historic buildings and cultural memorials.

SWISS flight to Palermo

Experience the lively bustle of the Sicilian capital, and discover a beautiful city and wonderful landscapes.

SWISS flight to Porto

Portugal's second biggest city radiates plenty of warmth and friendliness, quickly captivating every visitor to the country. The colourful city is also extremely popular with photographers.

SWISS flight to Riga

The biggest city in the Baltic appeals for its charm, historic buildings and abundance of greenery. It was the European Capital of Culture in 2014.

SWISS flight to Santiago de Compostela

Famous for being the end of the Way of St. James and the capital of Galicia in north-west Spain, the city appeals for its historic centre and relaxing atmosphere.

SWISS flight to Sarajevo

The city is situated in an idyllic hill landscapes, and attracts visitors with its tremendous hospitality, large bazaar and numerous cafés.

SWISS flight to Sofia

Although the large centre of Bulgaria is rich in history, it has remained young at heart. As a cosmopolitan city, it never fails to surprise its visitors.

SWISS flight to Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is considered the second capital of Greece, and leads visitors through various historic eras. As a harbour town, it is a popular destination for travellers to the peninsula of Chalkidiki.

SWISS flight to Toulouse

This sun-drenched city is full of cultural treasures. The glowing red roof tiles characterise this young, modern, dynamic metropolis.

SWISS flight to Zagreb

The capital of Croatia has plenty to offer every visitor. It is both the industrial and the cultural centre of the country.

SWISS flight to Biarritz

This famous seaside resort on the Atlantic coast is perfect for relaxing and for wellness. It also attracts surfers from all over the world.

SWISS flight to Calvi

This city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Corsica. Beautiful beaches and promenades guarantee a relaxing visit.

SWISS flight to Zakynthos

The capital of the eponymous island lies at the foot of Bochali Hill, and is a modern town with plenty of sights.

SWISS flight to Skopje

The capital of Macedonia was for a long time a model city of Socialism, and to this day many of its historic buildings still bear witness to this. The Old Town is the perfect place to see and experience the various cultural influences.

SWISS flight to Rio de Janeiro

The city beside the sea with the world-famous "Sugar Loaf" offers breath-taking views. Experience the zest for life, the warm climate and the endless miles of sandy beaches.