The State Opera House basks in a new-found glory

A cultural project for greater attentiveness gives the Viennese pause for thought

Europe-wide movement for greater consideration in our dealings with each other.

A symbol of greater attentiveness – on 27 January 2015, it was Vienna's turn to become part of the movement initiated by SWISS. The renowned light artist Gerry Hofstetter has once again put his ability to the test and transformed the monumental façade of the Vienna State Opera House into a fascinating work of art. The eyes of SWISS employees once again provided the leitmotif for the light installation – encouraging those in the centre of the Austrian capital to be more considerate in their dealings with one another.

Vienna, and in particular the Vienna State Opera House, are the epitome of art and culture, providing the perfect setting for an aesthetic symbol of greater attentiveness. So it is hardly surprising that all eyes were directed towards the Opera House during the light installation. Right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of urban life, time seemed to stand still for a moment: Passers-by paused for thought and watched the orchestra of light in amazement. Barcelona, Paris and Milan were the next locations for the light installations.

Vienna State Opera

SWISS celebrated the opening of the movement in London. The Prime Meridian in Greenwich was the first stop, and the starting point for the series of light art events. Then a gigantic building facade right on the Inner Alster Lake in Hamburg shone the light for greater attentiveness.