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Terms and Conditions of Use
  1. These terms cover the use of the Online Profile Service provided by SWISS International Air Lines AG (hereinafter referred to as "SWISS"), including the use of data gathered during the use of this service. By creating and using your Online Profile and accepting these terms of use, we consider that you are in agreement with these terms.
  2. After creating your Online Profile and accepting these terms of use, you will be sent an activation link that will allow you to activate the Online Profile.
  3. SWISS will gather and process the data disclosed when using one of the features of the Online Profile and/or the data required to enable you to use the Online Profile (e.g. personal data, non-personal data and information). SWISS also reserves the right to transmit this data to companies within the Lufthansa Group to which SWISS belongs. Third party companies that provide technical support for the Online Profile on behalf of SWISS, also have access to your data as a result of their work.
  4. SWISS reserves the right to process your data, which you supplied when using the Online Profile, for different purposes, including for fulfilling their resulting contractual obligations, for operating the Online Profile, for customer relationship management and for corporate marketing and analysis activities. In connection with marketing and analysis initiatives, SWISS is entitled to send you offers concerning, for example, SWISS products and services that you have already used (or products and services similar to those that you have already used), or ask you to participate in customer satisfaction surveys. If you do not wish to receive such offers or requests in the future, you can unsubscribe for free using the link provided in the corresponding email, or via your Online Profile.
  5. Based on your browsing history on the SWISS website, and based on SWISS products and services that you have already purchased or used, we are able to show you targeted content (e.g. new SWISS products) while you are logged in to your Online Profile on the SWISS website.
  6. Besides for reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs, data may also be transmitted to third party companies in Switzerland and other countries, which will be responsible for processing data on behalf of SWISS for (additional) analysis and marketing purposes. The third party companies will only use the data for these purposes. When you use the SWISS website, anonymous data, such as information about your browsing behaviour on the SWISS website, for example, may be saved on third party company systems, where it may be used for building anonymised target market groups, or analysed in terms of browsing behaviour.
  7. If you have failed to finish making a reservation, you will be sent an email regarding the offer that you consulted. The email contains a link that will allow you to continue making your reservation. For this service, SWISS works together with a third party company, to whom SWISS provides your name and email address. This data is only transmitted for the aforementioned purpose, never disclosed to further third parties and only processed for the duration of the provision of this service. You may unsubscribe from this service for free at any time using the link provided in the corresponding email.
  8. SWISS guarantees that your data is always processed and used in accordance with the data protection laws in force.
  9. You are responsible for making sure that your data is correct. You are able to correct your data at any time in your online profile.
  10. Please keep the password that you have chosen in a safe place. You are solely responsible for the use of your password.
  11. When you log in, you have the chance to choose whether to stay permanently logged in. Selecting this option means that you will remain logged in to your Online Profile until you have logged yourself out. Please note that this is also the case if you choose the permanent login on a public computer. You accept full responsibility and liability if you choose to remain permanently logged in. You are able to log out at any time using the log-out button on
  12. In the event of proven or suspected misuse, SWISS retains the right to prevent further access, without affecting other statutory rights. You assume full liability for any form of utilization in violation of the applicable legislation in force or these terms of use.
  13. We cannot guarantee the uninterrupted provision of profile services and reservation services. SWISS cannot be held liable for the correctness of information published on the website, particularly with reference to the status and flight times of your booked flight.
  14. The liability of SWISS is excluded to the maximum extent provided by law.
  15. SWISS, or their licensors, retain all trademark rights, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights. Any usages, other than those stipulated in these terms of use, requires the prior written authorisation of SWISS.
  16. When you access the Online Profile, data that is transmitted as a result of browsing a website will be saved. This information may include the following data: web query, IP address, type of browser and language, as well as one or more cookies (for more information about cookies, please see our cookie policy). In the event of a violation of these terms of use, SWISS reserves the right to use the stored IP address to proceed with a civil law claim and to provide evidence of punishable acts.
  17. SWISS regularly checks this website, the services that the website promotes and these present terms of use, with the aim of improving them. SWISS reserves the right to change these without notice. The current terms of use published here apply. We therefore request that you check the terms of use on a regular basis. By continuing to use the Online Profile and the services associated with it, you are accepting the current terms of use. Modifications apply as soon as they have been published on this website.
  18. In addition to these terms, our terms of use concerning the use of our website, the data protection provisions and the cookie policy also apply.