Horse-drawn carriage rides with Swiss flair

"SWISSED" wants to take the Swiss characteristics of quality and perfection to various European metropolises and show you, with a twinkle, what "Made of Switzerland" means – and why it is always a good idea to fly SWISS.

A ride in a horse-drawn carriage is one of the most familiar sights of Vienna, and for many people it is the highlight of a visit to the Austrian capital. The clatter of the horses' hooves along the cobbled streets, the pleasant speed (or lack thereof), and the friendly Viennese coachman who knows all the exciting stories about the sights that even old-established Viennese don't know make this kind of city trip almost perfect. But - only "almost".

And that's why we made it our task, with our initiative "SWISSED", to apply a few minor details that make all the difference on-board one of these two-horse carriages. Our guests were able to enjoy the first class SWISS service in the carriage: accompanied by a Flight Attendant, a number of special "SWISSED" moments wait to be explored on Vienna's streets – experiences that are simply an inherent part of travelling with us. Because to us, the little things make the big difference.

Find out in the following video just what SWISS highlights our guests were able to experience on their travels and how we refined the popular Viennese carriage rides.

First-class services on board the carriage: "SWISSED" by SWISS.