The perfect ski lift queue in London

"SWISSED" wants to take the Swiss characteristics of quality and perfection to various European metropolises and show you, with a twinkle, what "Made of Switzerland" means – and why it is always a good idea to fly SWISS.

The British are considered the masters of the art of queuing. At a taxi rank. At the baker's. At the supermarket check-out. No other nation can match them for patience or discipline.

In line with our initiative "SWISSED", we have challenged ourselves with refining this habit even further (with a twinkle), in a typical Swiss setting: in the snow, at a ski lift. Because what not many people know is that it was the British who, many, many years ago, first introduced the sport of skiing to Switzerland. So why not optimise the Brits' habit of queueing the Swiss way – on skis in the middle of London?

Together with an experienced Swiss skiing expert, we put them to the test. As you can see the Brits did a great job.

Synchronicity and perfection when queuing on skis: "SWISSED" by SWISS.