Conditions for lounge access voucher

Usage and Validity

  • The lounge access voucher can be used to enter any SWISS Business lounge at Zurich or Geneva. No access can be granted for SWISS, Lufthansa or partner lounges abroad nor to any SWISS First or Senator Lounge
  • The voucher is personal and can’t be offered or sold to any other traveler
  • For each person to access the lounge a valid boarding pass and a voucher must be purchased
  • The voucher is valid in combination with a boarding pass for a flight on SWISS, Lufthansa, Austrian, Edelweiss or Brussels. Flights on SWISS codeshare partners do not qualify for lounge access
  • If entered to the lounge, no reenter to the same lounge or any other lounge can be granted. There is no time limit of the lounge stay on the flight date


  • Voucher may not be exchanged for cash and may be neither exchanged nor refunded
  • Exception: Vouchers may only be refunded in case of irregularities, meaning the flight is cancelled and a new flight can only be offered on another flight date. To get access to the lounge in case of a flight scheduled a next day, the current voucher loses its validity and a new voucher needs to be purchased. The purchase price of the lost voucher due to the cancellation can be refunded via webform.