Allianz Global Assistance

Coverage for your trip

SWISS recommends travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance so you can have a worry-free trip and protect yourself against unforeseen events such as illness, accident or loss of baggage. No matter where you are travelling to, whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or with your family, you will find the security you need with us.

Cancellation costs insurance

Cancellation costs Assistance Travel Baggage
Cancellation costs
Max. 3.000 €
Travel Baggage

Comprehensive Travel insurance

Cancellation costs Assistance Travel Baggage
Cancellation costs
Max. 3.000 €
Up to 30.000 €
Travel Baggage
600 €

Cancellation costs

Payment of cancellation costs before departure in the event of:

  • Serious illness, serious physical accident or death
  • Serious harm or damage due to robbery, fire, flooding, explosion in the insured’s habitual residence or professional, owned or rented premises
  • Dismissal of the insured
  • The beginning of a new job
  • Summons to participate as a party in court proceedings
  • Summons for an organ transplant
  • Summons for serious operation
  • Call to participate as a member of a polling station
  • Delivery of an adopted child
  • Participation in official exams
  • A breakdown or an accident related to a vehicle which takes place 48 hours prior to the start of the flight
  • Job transfer to another geographic location
  • Detention of the insured by the Police
  • Tax inspection
  • Serious complications during pregnancy or miscarriage
  • Theft of documentation or luggage
  • The awarding of official grants
  • The legal declaration of voluntary or obligatory bankruptcy
  • A trip won as a prize in a public draw
  • A legal summons related to the divorce proceedings
  • A summons to present and sign official documents
  • The death of a third-degree relative
  • Cancellation by a companion
  • Cession of the rights to the flight to another person
  • Serious illness, serious physical accident or death of the person taking care of children or handicaped family member


Organisation and payment of costs for:

  • Medical repatriation
  • Repatriation of the deceased
  • Medical expenses
  • Expenses corresponding to an extended hotel stay
  • Travel and accommodation expenses corresponding to a family member or companion
  • Early return due to serious illness, serious accident or death of a family member
  • Early return due to dammage at home or professional office (free lance)
  • Legal defence expenses outside of the country of habitual residence
  • Advance on bail outside of the country of habitual residence
  • Transmission of urgent messages
  • Urgent dentistry expenses
  • Civil Liability30.000,00 €

Travel Baggage

Compensation for personal possessions in the event of:

  • Loss, theft and destruction of luggage
  • Reimbursement for the purchase of essential items is insured in the event of a delay of more than 24 hours in the delivery of one’s checked-in baggage in the outbound journey
  • Search, locate and shipping of stolen objects, lost or missing during the trip

Important information

  • Valid worldwide, except for baggage, which is not covered in the insured person’s own residence
  • For trips of up to 31 days
  • 50€ excess for medical expenses (all regions)
  • Assistance services are only provided in the event of a request by telephone to the emergency hotline
  • You may only take out insurance with us if the insured person is resident in Spain
  • 10% (min 20€) excess for cancellation costs
  • 90€ excess for civil liability expenses