A new symbol for more attentiveness

SWISS shines a light on Parisian campus

Europe-wide movement for greater consideration in our dealings with each other.

Right in the middle of Paris, Gerry Hofstetter and SWISS created an impressive new symbol for more attentiveness: on 12 March 2015, they transformed the campus of the renowned Cité Internationale Universitaire into an impressive piece of light art that didn't just amaze the students on-site.

The installation is part of the SWISS-initiated movement for more interpersonal attentiveness all over Europe. It consisted of artistically presented pairs of eyes representing the visual contact between people as the leitmotif. The aim was to encourage all of us to be more considerate in our dealings with each other.

Cité Internationale Universitaire

There was a good reason why Gerry Hofstetter and SWISS chose the Cité Internationale Universitaire as one of the stations in the light art series: the university symbolises open-mindedness and hospitality. It is a meeting place for people from all over the world – so just like SWISS, it creates connections across national borders.

SWISS had lit a symbol for greater attentiveness in Barcelona. At the centre was Sagrat Cor, the highest church in the Catalan capital. Before that, a number of other well-known landmarks in London,Hamburg, and Vienna were illuminated.Milan constituted the next and was the last stop on the light art tour before the grand finale.