The "Crazy Canucks" visit Switzerland

Off to the Lauberhorn with SWISS

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ski World Cup, the organizers of the Lauberhorn Races invited the “Crazy Canucks” as their honoured guests. As official partner, SWISS flew the four Canadian ski legends directly from Montreal to Zurich.

Forty years ago, the Canadian ski team revolutionized the race sport’s hierarchy by breaking the winning streak of the Europeans, who firmly dominated the world cup scene up to that point. Known as the “Crazy Canucks” Jim Hunter, Dave Irwin, Steve Podborski and Ken Read went down in history. Now, the Canadians returned to the very place where a key section of the race has been named after them: the “Canadian corner”.

Besides visiting the Lauberhorn, another highlight awaited the four Canadians. SWISS invited the “Crazy Canucks” for a scenic flight over Switzerland with their new flagship aircraft that it employs on European routes – the Bombardier CS100.

As the first airline in the world, SWISS has placed an order for 30 CS100 and CS300 aircraft with Bombardier. The C Series’ new technologies with respect to engines, systems and materials set new benchmarks regarding fuel consumption and environmental compatibility. To date, SWISS is already successfully operating five of these innovative aircraft type. By Mid-January, the SWISS C Series embarked on its two thousand five hundredth commercial flight.