Official Carrier Agreement

Conditions for a minimum of 400 attendees

Requirements for a partnership

  • At least 400 attendees expected at the event
  • The request should be received by SWISS at least six months ahead of the event, and specifically ahead of the first publication.
  • SWISS will be exclusively designated the Official Carrier and must be stated as such, together with the SWISS logo, in all publications including the event website.
  • SWISS will be provided with statistics on the number of participants by country after the event.

Benefits offered by SWISS

All event attendees will receive a discount of up to 10% on their SWISS flights. This applies to:

  • specific booking categories (no infant and child bookings possible)
  • SWISS flights to Switzerland
  • flights with an LX flight number operated by partner carriers
  • for a travel period of 14 days before to 14 days after the event.

The discount does not apply to group bookings.

Depending on the expected number of attendees, SWISS may also provide the organisers with flight vouchers.

Handling a SWISS Official Carrier Agreement

If SWISS decides to support your event, your request will be passed on for processing to the Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau, SWISS Congress Agency, in Zurich.

Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau (SCIB) will perform the following tasks on behalf of SWISS:

  • draw up the Official Carrier Agreement (based on SWISS's guidelines)
  • draw up the travel information with booking link and event code to communicate to the participants
  • organise the agreed flight vouchers for the organisers
  • ensure the coordinated communication of the special rates for attendees
  • ensure that SWISS is mentioned in all publications relating to the event and on its website