Voucher conditions

1. Voucher purchase conditions

  • Vouchers are sold from the webshop of Starticket AG („Starticket“).
  • Purchases are subject to Starticket’s General Terms and Conditions of Trade.
  • The vouchers are available in Swiss francs only.
  • A voucher purchase entitles the holder to pay for a flight booked via www.swiss.com using the voucher in question.
  • The redemption conditions as well as the SWISS Terms and Conditions and the SWISS Conditions of carriage apply to the purchase of flight tickets.
  • Vouchers are available while stocks last.
  • Validity period: vouchers must be redeemed within five calendar years of the date of sale.
  • Voucher purchases are subject to all aspects of Swiss law.

2. Voucher redemption conditions

  • Valid on flights departing from Switzerland with SWISS flight numbers (LX) within the complete SWISS network. These are flights operated by SWISS or its partner airlines.
  • A voucher purchase entitles the holder to pay for a flight booked via www.swiss.com using the voucher in question.
  • Vouchers can exclusively be redeemed via www.swiss.com.
  • Only one voucher may be redeemed per person and per booking. Vouchers cannot be used to pay for flight tickets for infants (up to 2 years of age).
  • For a booking involving multiple travellers and vouchers, only vouchers of the same value may be used. Separate bookings are necessary for bookings with vouchers of differing values. In both cases, only one voucher per person may be redeemed.
  • Vouchers may not be exchanged for cash, may not be used in conjunction with other offers, and may be neither exchanged nor refunded. Voucher refunds are only possible in the case of refundable bookings and will not be made in cash, but in the form of a credit note which may be used for another flight booking.
  • In the event that the voucher value exceeds that of the flight, the remaining amount may be used for a subsequent booking in the form of a credit voucher (so called EMD) – see section 4. Credit voucher conditions and procedure.
  • In the event that the voucher value is less than the flight price, holders are obliged to pay the remaining amount by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, AirPlus/Air Travel Plan).
  • SWISS is the transporting company. When vouchers are redeemed and flight tickets purchased, a contract of carriage is agreed between the voucher holder and SWISS, provided that the booking was made correctly via www.swiss.com.
  • The SWISS Conditions of carriage,which can be viewed at www.swiss.com, shall apply to the abovementioned contract of carriage.
  • Booked flight tickets are subject to the fare conditions which can be viewed at www.swiss.com at the moment of booking.
  • The number of seats on flights is limited. Availability can be viewed at www.swiss.com.

3. Flight booking and voucher redemption

  1. Go to swiss.com and select your chosen flights.
  2. On the «payment» page a section «Voucher redemption» is shown, click on it and enter your voucher code. If you have several voucher codes, remember that only one voucher per person and booking may be redeemed.
  3. Click on «redeem» and the corresponding voucher value will be deducted from the grand total.
  4. Proceed by paying the remaining amount and concluding the booking as normal.
    In the event that the voucher value exceeds that of the flight, you will be prompted different options to continue including redeeming the residual value for future bookings.

4. Credit vouchers conditions and procedure


  • In the event that a flight voucher cannot be fully redeemed, the residual amount may be used for a subsequent flight booking.
  • For the residual amount, a credit voucher in form of an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) will be issued; there is no cash refund.
  • A credit voucher will only be issued for residual amounts of flight vouchers bought via SWISS.com (Starticket). All other types of voucher such as Promotional vouchers, Compensation vouchers etc. are excluded from these conditions.
  • To maintain reasonable administration costs and efforts, no credit vouchers for residual amounts smaller than CHF 10 will be issued.
  • Requests for refund of residual amount must be made by e-mail (voucher.support@swiss.com) no later than 24 hours before departure. Requests made after the departure date cannot be processed


  • After execution of purchase on swiss.com, customer must send an e-mail to voucher.support@swiss.com, with the subject of “Credit Voucher / Residual Value” containing the following information:
    1. the name of the passenger,
    2. the travel dates,
    3. the ticket number or the booking reference,
    4. the SWISS voucher reference number,
    5. the original value of the voucher (e.g. CHF 100.00).
  • A successful issuance of a credit voucher cannot be guaranteed if not all of the above mentioned information is included.
  • After reviewing and validating the e-mail, SWISS Customer Service will reply by e-mail with the credit voucher attached (PDF document, EMD).
  • The credit voucher (EMD) may only be used for the purchase of a subsequent flight ticket.
  • Booking will need to be made via SWISS Service Center (0848 700 700). The credit voucher value will be discounted from the purchase price. This request is not subject to service center fee.

For questions regarding your flight booking contact us by e-mail to voucher.support@swiss.com