Entertainment on board

You are in charge of the entertainment

Boredom is never an issue on our long haul flights. Do you want to be entertained or perhaps learn something, or would you rather work? You have all the choices in every flight class.

Let SWISS entertain you

Movie highlights of the month

Entertainment on demand

Program February 2017 (PDF)

You can individually start any film, CD, series or game on your screen individually. Stop, pause, move forward or backward - whatever you like. Our on-board entertainment guarantees unlimited fun above the clouds.

Choose from over 140 films and just as many TV programmes. The latest blockbusters, award-winning documentaries and most popular TV series are waiting for you. In addition, you can listen to over 400 different CDs and a wide range of music channels.

For our youngest passengers, we have various children's films, cartoons, computer games and the SWISS kids music channel. Our entertainment offer changes every month. Before you travel, you can check out the current programme.

SWISS Magazine

Have a look at the SWISS magazine, winner of several awards. Ten times a year, our travel journalists publish exciting reports and inspiring city portraits. You are welcome to take your copy with you after landing.

  • February 2017 issue

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SWISS Universe

We offer Business and First Class guests the SWISS Universe magazine.

Download SWISS Universe (PDF)

  • Discover the SWISS Universe magazine as a free app.

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SWISS Connect – Internet on board

We offer SWISS Connect on board the Boeing 777-300ER. The WiFi connection is fast enough to access your emails, use social media sites or simply surf the Internet. We only advise against streaming or using voice services.

In addition to Internet access (for which there is a charge), you can also access information pages on swiss.com, including our online travel guide, free of charge. And you can access the Airshow on any of your devices.

Prices for SWISS Connect

The on-board connection starts at an altitude of 10,000 feet. You can then purchase a data package, which you can pay for with your credit card. These prices may change at any time.

SWISS First passengers receive a complimentary 50 MB SWISS Connect data packet on board.

  • 20 MB

    CHF 9 / ca. EUR 8

  • 50 MB

    CHF 19 / ca. EUR 17

  • 120 MB

    CHF 39 / ca. EUR 36

Making phone calls on board

You may use the telephone services on board the Boeing 777-300ER once the cabin crew have given their permission for you to do so. The prices are decided by your telephone service provider and the operating company AeroMobile. SWISS has no influence over these prices.

The use of telephone services is prohibited on all other aircraft types.