SWISS to outsource its ground handling in Lugano

30 August 2005

Swiss International Air Lines is to focus on its core business at Lugano Airport and entrust its ground handling to the City of Lugano. The parties concluded a Memorandum of Understanding today specifying the overall parameters of the new arrangement.

SWISS currently maintains its own ground handling organisation and a sales office at Lugano Airport. The company now intends to dispose of these activities to focus on its core business. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was concluded between SWISS and the City of Lugano today specifying the terms of their transfer.

Under the MoU, the parties have agreed that the City of Lugano will take over SWISS’s present ground handling activities at the beginning of 2006. The sales office will continue to be operated by SWISS until the end of next year. It should then be taken over by the new airport company in 2007.

SWISS’s present Lugano workforce of some 25 employees should be retained. SWISS will also be actively supporting the transition to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of these activities.