New SWISS destination: Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne

29 September 2005

SWISS will be a special guest at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne on September 30. The airline will open an interactive ex-hibition dedicated to the theme flying as a means of discovery in the aviation and aerospace wing of the museum.

December 17, 2003, marked the centenary of the Wright Brothers' first motorised flight. In line with this anniversary the Swiss Transport Mu-seum updated its aviation exhibition under the theme "The Dream of Flight", with further improvements to follow in stages. The partnership with SWISS is part of this ongoing update of the exhibition.

Virtual experience

The exhibition is intended to appeal to a broad audience in general and schools in particular. It presents the fascination of flight in a playful way, showing for example how pilots navigate at 30,000 metres. The interactive installation allows visitors to enjoy the virtual experience of a flight aboard an Airbus A340 from Zurich to Sao Paulo.