New format for SWISS price communication

14 March 2006

As of March 15 SWISS will become one of the first network airlines in Switzerland to introduce gross prices. In future all prices advertised and published by SWISS will include the fuel surcharge and airport taxes. Only the variable service fee will be charged in addition, the amount of which depends on how customers book their travel (e.g. travel agency, call center,

Expressing prices in gross terms makes it easier for customers to compare market prices. SWISS offers an attractive product with a good value-for-money relationship. This change simplifies price communication for SWISS and increases pricing transparency for customers. For this reason, Switzerland’s national airline has decided to introduce gross prices.

Harry Hohmeister, SWISS Chief Network and Distribution Officer: “The new price communication will make SWISS’s attractive value-for-money product even clearer to customers“.

SWISS customers travelling from Switzerland will henceforth know immediately what their journey will cost, with the fuel surcharge and airport taxes included (service fee extra). The service fee can not be included in the published price because customers can choose which distribution channel best suits their needs, which may influence the total amount. Travel agencies determine their own service fee. Within SWISS’s own distribution channels the service fee for travel booked through a call center or Zurich city travel office is CHF 50 for flights within Europe and CHF 80 for intercontinental flights. The service fee does not apply for bookings in the two lowest booking classes in Europe if made through For all other online fares, a service fee of CHF 25 applies.

As a result of this change, a return flight from Zurich to Amsterdam, for example, will be advertised after March 15 at CHF 284. Previously, the price was published as consisting of the fare of CHF 145 plus CHF 81 in airport taxes and a fuel surcharge of CHF 58.

A current special return offer from Zurich to New York now costs CHF 753 (plus service fee) instead of CHF 461 (plus airport taxes of CHF 106 and a fuel surcharge of CHF 186).