Lufthansa and SWISS further intensify their collaboration

16 March 2006

Lufthansa and SWISS will be further expanding their collaboration with the start of the 2006 summer schedules on March 26. The two quality airlines are to harmonise their schedules to and from South America and Southeast Asia to offer transfer connections between their services in São Paulo and Bangkok.

A new São Paulo hubSWISS and Lufthansa customers will soon be deriving further benefit from the partnership of these two quality airlines on services to and from São Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. The two carriers are to coordinate their schedules to create a “mini-hub” at São Paulo that will permit transfers between SWISS and Lufthansa services.

Under the new arrangements, which come into effect with the start of the 2006 summer schedules on March 26, SWISS will extend its present five-times-weekly Zurich-São Paulo service to Santiago de Chile, while Lufthansa will offer a daily service on the Frankfurt-São Paulo-Buenos Aires route. The two westbound flights will arrive in São Paulo from Europe at almost the same time, enabling customers to transfer from one to the other for their onward travel within South America. The same arrangements will be made for the SWISS and Lufthansa services from Santiago and Buenos Aires respectively, providing their passengers with excellent transfer connections to Frankfurt or Zurich via the new São Paulo mini-hub.

All flights between São Paulo and Santiago de Chile will be operated as codeshare services, carrying both SWISS and Lufthansa flight numbers. With SWISS serving São Paulo only five times a week, Lufthansa’s Frankfurt-São Paulo flights should also be operated as codeshares on the days with no SWISS operation. The partners further intend to intensify their collaboration by extending their codeshare arrangements to the São Paulo-Buenos Aires route. “In making these enhancements to our South America services, we’re extending SWISS’s integration into the Lufthansa Group to one of our most traditional markets,” comments Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales Lufthansa Passage Airlines.

From Bangkok to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Ho Chi Minh City SWISS and Lufthansa will also be coordinating their services to Southeast Asia from the start of the 2006 summer schedules to create a further mini-hub in Bangkok. The close collaboration will enable passengers of both airlines to travel from Zurich or Frankfurt to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Ho Chi Minh City via Bangkok, substantially expanding the partners’ already-strong presence in the Southeast Asian market. “This close collaboration between SWISS and Lufthansa in South America and Southeast Asia will give all our customers a much-enhanced range of services between Latin America and Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East,” says Marcel Biedermann, Vice President Sales Intercontinental Markets at SWISS.

Integration brings further customer benefits SWISS and Lufthansa also continue to make their collaboration visible and tangible to customers at the airports they serve. The partners have already established joint check-in facilities at their Zurich and Frankfurt hubs. And the two airlines will also have adjacent customer desks in São Paulo and Bangkok, eliminating any time-consuming transfers from terminal to terminal.