SWISS flight operations back to normal

27 September 2006

Swiss European pilots returned to flight duties this morning. Although a further 14 morning flights had to be cancelled as a direct consequence of yesterday’s strike, SWISS flight operations are now completely back to normal.

The strike organised yesterday by the Swiss Pilots union severely impaired SWISS flight operations in Europe. The effects of the strike carried over to this morning with the cancellation of another 14 flights. In total, SWISS was forced to cancel 142 flights (or 71 round trips) within Europe.

The strike by Swiss European Pilots disrupted the travel of approximately 8900 passengers. To limit the impact on travellers as much as possible, SWISS rebooked them on to other flights, purchased capacity from other airlines, distributed railway tickets and deployed larger aircraft on heavily travelled routes. Hotel accommodation was found for the 120 people who could not reach their destination yesterday.

Extra staff attended to passengers at airports. SWISS set up an additional ten ticket counters at ZurichAirport. A special telephone hotline and extra personnel on duty at the CallCenter kept waiting times to a minimum. The website page provided passengers with the latest information regarding the impact of the strike on flight operations.

SWISS deeply regrets that, by striking, Swiss Pilots chose to manifest their labour dispute at the expense of the airline’s customers.

The following flights were cancelled today:
LX1639 Mailand – Zürich
LX771 Brüssel – Zürich
LX1029 Düsseldorf – Zürich
LX2991 Basel – Zürich
LX819 Hannover – Zürich
LX2801 Genf – Zürich
LX420/1 Zürich – Birmingham – Zürich
LX708/9 Basel – Amsterdam – Basel
LX 760/1 Basel – Brüssel – Basel
LX2824/11 Zürich – Genf – Zürich