SWISS aircraft named “Zürich” takes off

17 April 2007

SWISS today named one of its Airbus A340 aircraft “Zürich”. The naming ceremony was performed by Zurich mayor Elmar Ledergerber and SWISS CEO Christoph Franz . The Airbus A340 with registration HB-JMB then took off for Tokyo punctually at 13:00. Home to SWISS’s operating hub, Zurich is also important as a major business and tourism location in Switzerland.

The Airbus A340 named “Zürich“ is the second SWISS aircraft to be named after a Swiss city. Zurich is the home of SWISS’s operational hub and, thanks in part to the airport, plays an important role in the nation’s economy. “We are pleased that from today a SWISS aircraft will carry the name of Zurich around the world,“ commented SWISS CEO Christoph Franz at the ceremony. “Zurich Airport is an important generator of jobs for Zurich and the entire region. This year alone will see SWISS will create more than 500 jobs for flying staff at its Zurich base.”

Zurich mayor Elmar Ledergerber also expressed his pleasure at having an aircraft named after the city. “Our city has strong appeal for business people and tourists from all over the world,” he said. “SWISS is a key factor in our success in competing against other locations. Good air transport links to other parts of Europe and global destinations is an important pre-requisite for a strong economy and, by extension, the region’s economy.” With Zurich tourism director Frank Bumann and CEO of Greater Zurich Area, Willi Meier, looking on, Elmar Ledergerber then conducted the naming ceremony.

The city name appears on the exterior of the aircraft. Inside the cabin, the city’s coat of arms is on display for passengers to see.