New seats now installed throughout SWISS’s European fleet

10 April 2008

The programme to re-equip all 52 aircraft of SWISS’s European fleet with new seats has now been completed. As a result, passengers on all SWISS flights within Europe can now enjoy the greater legroom and seating comfort offered by the new high-quality seats.

It was back in mid-October 2006 that SWISS launched the seat refurbishment programme for its European fleet, beginning with its Airbus A320 family. Since then, not only its entire short-haul Airbus fleet but also all the Avro RJ100s of its Swiss European Air Lines subsidiary have been equipped with the new seats.

The innovative Recaro seats, with their carbon frames and leather upholstery, have proved very popular among SWISS customers. Indeed, the airline was voted number-one for cabin comfort on its European services in January by the readers of Business Traveller magazine.

The new Business and Economy Class seats not only offer greater seating comfort. By having the seat pocket at the rear placed higher than on previous seating models, they also provide more legroom for the passenger seated behind. With their lightweight construction, the new seats substantially lower aircraft weight, too, which permits corresponding further reductions in fuel burn.

The investment in these new seats is a further component in SWISS’s ongoing quality drive. By continuously investing in its product, both in the air and on the ground, SWISS is steadily consolidating and further refining its position as a leading quality airline.