SWISS to combine its Network and Distribution


SWISS has announced a change within its Management Board: Harry Hohmeister, who is currently responsible for the SWISS network and revenue management, will take additional overall charge of distribution from January 2006, becoming Chief Network & Distribution Officer. The amalgamation of SWISS’s scheduling, revenue management and distribution management will permit the company’s products and services to be aligned faster and more flexibly to changed and changing needs.

Harry Hohmeister, who has led SWISS’s Network division since January 2005, will assume additional responsibility for the company’s distribution from January 2006. Hohmeister, who is 41, will take over his new duties from President & Chief Executive Officer Christoph Franz, who currently performs them in addition to his CEO function. Reporting directly to the new Chief Network & Distribution Officer will be the Head of Sales Switzerland (Rudolf Schumacher), the Head of Sales Europe (Alexander Arafa) and the Head of Sales Intercontinental (Marcel Biedermann).

The amalgamation of its scheduling, revenue management and distribution management functions will provide SWISS with fully-integrated marketing of its seating capacity. And this closer interaction of its marketing processes will enable the company to respond faster and more flexibly to customer wishes and changing market needs.