SWISS’s latest Airbus A320 named ‘Allschwil’


SWISS Airbus A320 HB-JLP was given the name ‘Allschwil’ (after the town near Basel) at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg today. The brand-new aircraft was formally named by Anton Lauber, the Mayor of Allschwil, at a ceremony which was also attended by SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Holger Hätty and numerous invitees from the Basel region.

“We are extremely pleased that, from this day on, the town of Allschwil will always be aboard our flights,” said Holger Hätty at the naming event. “SWISS and Allschwil are not just connected by our latest Airbus A320,” he continued. “We are also linked because the town is home to some of our most important customers and many of our employees.”

“We are delighted that the ‘Allschwil’ will soon be carrying our name all over,” added Mayor Anton Lauber. “This should open up new perspectives – even new horizons – for our town, and hopefully for SWISS, too.”

SWISS’s Airbus A320 fleet is used on the airline’s European network and on services to Africa and the Middle East. The aircraft is 37.6 metres long, has a range of up to 3 600 kilometres and seats between 136 and 168 passengers (depending on its cabin configuration).

The latest SWISS Airbus A320, HB-JLP (which now bears the name ‘Allschwil’), features slightly modified seating which is a further advance on the seats installed on the airline’s European fleet in 2006. With their lighter construction, the new seats further reduce the aircraft’s weight and fuel consumption.