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EU Pricing Concept: Now even more destinations at lower prices


This past June SWISS introduced its new EU Pricing Concept. The concept hitherto covered 17 destinations. With immediate effect many other attractive destinations such as Istanbul, London and Madrid are included.

What remains the same are the following advantages for your clients:

  • Low entry-fare levels with small upsell steps
  • Attractive same-day return fares (with e.g. reduction of minimum-stay)
  • Highly attractive Business Class fares with entry levels ranging from CHF 299-399
  • Introduction of one-way fares to selected destinations in all RBD’s, with entry level between CHF 79 and CHF 149

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Your CRS is already up to date.

Now available for even more EU destinations.

Travelport Press Release

Amadeus remains the first GDS to offer a native ASR solution

A340 Windo

ASR requires various technical updates on the part of SWISS and the GDS systems. SWISS and its internal systems provider are still working closely together with the GDS systems to connect all systems with regard to EMD-A and the corresponding advance seat reservation service. The first GDS offering a native ASR solution will be Amadeus. It will be available as of August 25. Other GDS will follow step-by-step. During this transition period, SWISS offers an ASR booking & rebooking alternative for travel agencies via SWISS Service Centre. In addition, a Travelport solution was launched on August 7. SWISS welcomes the initiative of Travelport to ease the work for travel agents. However the work-around solution offered by Travelport is their own development and requires the latest version of their booking platform.