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International Surcharge

SWISS to modify its international surcharge to/from Middle East

SWISS is lowering its international surcharge on flights from Switzerland to the Middle East by CHF 120 in all travel classes. The international surcharge on a round-trip ticket will in future be CHF 280 instead of CHF 400 in Economy, and CHF 400 instead of CHF 520 in Business/First.
In order to ensure the same end-price, the net price is being raised correspondingly.

The international surcharge decrease will apply to tickets for intercontinental air travel originating in Switzerland which are issued from 5 August 2014 onwards. Tickets issued up to and including 4 August 2014 will be subject to the present surcharge provisions.

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... that SWISS’s cabin crews distribute 1.25 million SWISS chocolates a month and over 2.5 million hot refresher towels every year?