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SWISS with new fare concept as of summer 2015


SWISS will be adopting a fundamentally new fare concept for its European network this summer. The new concept will apply to all European services from Zurich and Geneva, and is specifically tailored to the needs of travellers today. The choice of three types of fare in Economy Class, along with the Business Class fare, offers customers more transparency and more travel options, as they can now select precisely the fare that meets their individual needs and pay just for the services they actually require.

The services included in the four fare options are immediately evident, and the fare options themselves are both clear and always available. The popular one-way fares introduced in 2014 will also be retained. And with the additional services offered under the “SWISS Choice” programme, travellers can further individualize the fare option they have chosen.

The new fare options will be known as “Light”, “Classic”, “Flex” and “Business”. The “Light” fare is already a well-established and popular option for SWISS travellers from Geneva, and will now be extended Europewide. The new fare types can also be combined for outward and return travel. All four options include the price of the flight, one item of carry-on baggage, a snack and drinks on board, an assigned seat when checking in within 23 hours of departure and Miles & More award and status miles. So all SWISS customers will continue to enjoy SWISS’s renowned inflight service with its regional Swiss products.

The new “Light” fare is the most inexpensive option, for travellers who only have carry-on baggage and do not need to be flexible in their travel plans.

The “Classic” fare entitles the holder to all the services currently offered to Economy Class travellers. This is the best option for customers wishing to continue to enjoy the all-in services such as one piece of free checked baggage and reserving their seat in advance.

The “Flex” fare is aimed primarily at customers such as business travellers who need to keep their travel plans as flexible as possible and who also wish to enjoy an expanded product offer. The Flex fare also includes advance seat reservation in the “preferred” seating zone at the front of the Economy Class section.

For an even more relaxed flight and optimum travel comfort, both business and leisure travellers can continue to take the Business Class option. The Business Class fare includes lounge access, a higher checked baggage allowance and more Miles & More miles. SWISS Business guests will also enjoy a further-enhanced and more consistent service product from the start of the summer schedules on 29 March. As well as at Zurich, inbound Business Class travellers arriving at non-pier stands will be provided with their own exclusive arrival bus at further major European destinations. And the neighbouring seat will be consistently kept free in Business Class on all European services.

SWISS is adopting its new European fare concept jointly with Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, to offer customers more consistency for their bookings throughout the Lufthansa Group. The new concept will be introduced this summer. Further details are currently being fleshed out, and will be communicated in the next few months.

NEW: Abo tickets for Geneva-Lugano-Geneva

Attractive offer for corporate travelers from GVA to LUG or vice versa


If you or your employees fly regularly between Geneva and Lugano SWISS now offers your company an attractive travel pass.

What is your benefit?

You will have always the same fixed end-price for your flights between Geneva and Lugano, no matter at what date you book the seat for you or your employees. That guarantees you cost-effective travelling and transparent travel cost planning.


  • The offer is eligible for Corporate Incentive Program members or a members enrolled in the SwissPartnerPlusBenefit program
  • You decide on how many coupons on the route GVA-LUG-GVA you would need for your travels.
  • Based on the coupon commitment a revenue target will be defined together
  • The fixed ticket price will be set according to the coupon amount you have chosen

You decide to commit for 80 coupons within the next 12 months. Your fixed price will be CHF 230 one-way in SWISS Economy out of Geneva and CHF 242 one way in SWISS Economy out of Lugano. All taxes included.

Of course, the fixed price becomes more and more attractive the more coupons you commit to.

For more information contact our sales team in Geneva or Lugano or send an email to to get all detailed information. We will be delighted to get in touch with you.