Professions on ground

SWISS variety that moves you

When Switzerland-wide becomes worldwide, and when collegiality becomes a true sense of ‘we’ – that is SWISS.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for those fond of flying to provide the best service in trusted Swiss quality – also on the ground. Whether in marketing, finance, law, cargo, HR or technology – in any area, you can do something locally to fascinate millions of passengers around the world. In the middle of an atmosphere defined in particular by variety – of cultures, perceptions, experiences and expertise. Because that, too, is SWISS: we are not only a platform for intercontinental connections, but also an important hub for professional opportunity in air travel.

CEO Division

  • Corporate Development, Network & Distribution

    The competence centre in matters of corporate strategy, projects, and network analyses. These teams are responsible for an appealing offer of international flight connections and for an appropriate development of the aircraft fleet.

  • Public Affairs

    The employees at the Public Affairs Department decide how SWISS expresses itself in public on politically or socially relevant issues.

  • Human Resources

    Our staff are the guarantee of our company's success. The aim of Human Resources is to unite the company's strategy and requirements with the private and professional ambitions of our members of staff. We offer exciting tasks; modern and exciting working conditions, and plenty of opportunities for personal development. We enjoy working with people from a wide range of different cultures and nations. All this makes us one of the most appealing employers in Switzerland.

  • General Counsel & Corporate Communications

    This department is responsible for the fields of law, internal auditing, corporate governance, and corporate compliance. This department is so to speak the conscience of SWISS. Corporate Communications issues statements on behalf of the company to both the public and the employees.

  • Medical Services

    The medical personnel conduct regular examinations of the cockpit and cabin crew. They specialise in aviation, travel, and occupational medicine. The department also advises SWISS employees on medical questions arising in connection with their professions.


  • Marketing

    This team plans and organises the positioning of the SWISS brand. This takes the form of advertising campaigns or online activities at home and abroad.

  • Product and Services

    This generates the SWISS experience for the passengers. The Product and Services Team decide how lounges and aircraft cabins are designed. It also defines the offer of food and entertainment on board.

  • Sales

    The department sells and markets SWISS products. The employees are contacts for travel agencies, online platforms, and key company and private accounts. They set up new customer relations and maintain the existing ones.

  • Revenue Management

    These specialists optimise the passenger streams and the SWISS revenue. They analyse the supply and demand on the various markets. They develop and adapt price systems.


  • Cockpit & Cabin

    Pilots are responsible for a smooth flight. The commander is responsible for the passengers and crew. The cabin crew members prepare the cabin for the flight, provide the service on board, and look after the passengers.

  • Flight Operations

    This department steers and monitors the flight operations from the ground, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Flight Operations includes the control centre, the hub control centre, flight dispatch, and the passenger care centre. In the event of irregularities, they make and implement the necessary decisions.


  • Controlling

    This department plans the financing steps, compiles reports, and draws up analyses for the purpose of achieving the corporate goals. The department defines the necessary measures and supports the affected departments in their implementation.

  • Financial Accounting

    The Accounts Department records all value streams in the business operations at SWISS. The department makes sure that all entries comply with the regulations.

  • Treasury

    At all times, SWISS must dispose of enough liquid funds to maintain its flight operations. The Treasury safeguards this financial capacity. The department also takes care of flight ticket billing and the purchase of goods and services at the best possible price/performance ratio.


  • SWISS WorldCargo

    SWISS WorldCargo is responsible for air freight and sells freight capacity in passenger aircraft. The majority of the goods on SWISS flights require special handling. This includes particularly valuable consignments at risk of theft, as well as medicinal preparations that must be transported under special climatic conditions.

Technical Division

  • SWISS Technical Division

    The aircraft in the SWISS fleet must be serviced and ready for their punctual deployment. This is the responsibility of the Technical Division. Highly qualified specialists service the aircraft at regular intervals, both in Switzerland and abroad. SWISS Technical Division also offers its maintenance services to external customers. In cases like these, thedivision takes care of the logistics, planning, engineering, maintenance control, and purchases of external technical services.