Corporate culture

SWISS values

SWISS has declared change to be a key principle of its corporate culture. Those who refuse to change have already lost.The airline understands that only by changing can it maintain its leading position in a fiercely contested sector.

Challenge and promote

SWISS is a dynamic company that encourages each one of its employees to think like entrepreneurs, act flexibly, and deliver an excellent performance. In return, SWISS promotes the talents and skills of its employees and provides them with enough scope to develop their own ideas.

The cooperation on the ground and in the air is based on mutual respect and trust. SWISS demands and lives teamwork, unity, and an open exchange of ideas and experiences. The key SWISS phrases are:

  • We are authentic and remain true to ourselves.
  • It is the little things that make the difference.
  • We do something right, or not at all.

The environment obliges

Behaving responsibly toward the environment is an integral constituent of SWISS corporate culture. The company handles resources with all due care and lobbies politicians for legal provisions in key environmental issues. SWISS seeks infrastructure that will safeguard its future and facilitate cross-border air traffic control within Europe.

Every year, SWISS invests several hundred million francs in new, more efficient aircraft that consume less kerosene and hence emit less CO2.

  • Statement by Reto Schmid

    Reto Schmid - Head of Human Resources

    “SWISS needs employees who share our objective to become even better. We are working in an environment that is undergoing rapid change, and we want our employees to see in this opportunities, and not threats. It is our wish to promote motivated employees who enjoy discovering new things over their entire career and learning from these.”

    Reto Schmid
    Head of Human Resources