Truly SWISS...

where people matter

With SWISS as an employer, you can expect that decisive ‘something more’ when it comes to appeal.

When detail turns into a love for details, quality into hospitality, nationality into internationality, change of pace into rich diversity, a job into a veritable experience, SWISS into a world bursting with inspiration. And a long-haul aircraft into a thank you for our employees.

SWISS stands for the fascinating world of air travel. But also for greater commitment – to the benefit of our staff. We set great store in movement so that, for our employees, good prospects become great perspective. We value every individual contribution, no matter how large or small it may be. And we know very well whom we have to thank for the success of SWISS: our more than 8000 employees and their special enthusiasm for air travel. That is why we have decided to dedicate the new flagship of the SWISS long-haul fleet to them: our first Boeing 777-300ER. Thus the Faces of SWISS aircraft becomes the symbol for our diverse range of responsibilities, possibilities and cultures. And demonstrates at the same time what we stand for: Truly SWISS... where people matter.

And that is how we show our employees how much they mean to us: under the motto ‘Faces of SWISS’, the Boeing 777 is taking a trip around the world with the faces of 2500 employees plastered to the fuselage. These faces represent all of their colleagues from the various job fields. Whether flight attendants and pilots, technicians and cargo professionals, finance and HR experts, IT and logistics specialists, communication and marketing gurus or experienced employees from the areas of medical services, operations and legal – they play a decisive role, day in and day out, in ensuring that SWISS’ worldwide reputation is that of a flight experience of the highest quality, and that SWISS is counted among the world’s top airlines. Around 16 million thrilled passengers are the ultimate proof. We therefore would like to say ‘merci’ – with our new long-haul aircraft Faces of SWISS.

An overview of the Faces of SWISS project

  • First Boeing 777 in the SWISS fleet
  • Largest aircraft in the SWISS long-haul fleet
  • Shows 2500 faces of employees from around the world
  • 12 large pictures were chosen from among all the pictures
  • They represent all job groups from the areas of cabin, cockpit and ground
  • The foil has an area of 450 square metres, is only 0.05 millimetres thick and weighs 50 kilogram
  • The large faces are 7 metres tall