Welcome to SWISS

Taking care of the little things to achieve great things

Every year, 15 million people book a SWISS flight. Every one of our passengers should experience the very highest level of service. In order to achieve great things, SWISS pays attention to the little things. Always and everywhere.

Anyone who chooses SWISS for their professional life will find themselves embarking on a unique and discerning journey into the fascinating world of the aviation industry. Our staff are what give SWISS its unmistakeable look. They are the key to our success. We offer them a wide range of activities, and we support and encourage them in their development. In return, we can expect their full commitment.

SWISS combines the most diverse professions. Apart from the people in the cockpit and cabin, the company also employs organisors and caterers, engineers and mechanics, psychologists and sales people, and experts in safety, the environment and traffic - to name but a few. And we all have one thing in common: we are fascinated by flying.

A team that tackles things with passion. In and for a company that is one of the most attractive employers in Switzerland. With passengers who can rely on us and on our product. That's SWISS. Welcome on board.