Corporate procurement

SWISS values along the entire supply chain

As the national airline with the highest product and service quality, it is essential to us that this claim is also lived by our suppliers.

SWISS stands for quality and service. One important foundation for this are the goods and services provided by our suppliers, who are right at the beginning of the supply chain. Every year, we transport 16 million passengers, all of whom, directly or indirectly, come into contact with our suppliers' products. We are therefore constantly seeking partners who are able to help us live up to our promise to our customers. In order to be able to operate economically, we live a culture of continuous cost and quality optimisation, which enables us to offer our customers an attractive service.

As a part of the Lufthansa Group, we also benefit from a strong purchasing community. At the same time, though, we are also independent enough to be able to procure through our purchasing department all the goods and services that make us the leading Swiss airline.

Any business relationship with SWISS is based on our General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of goods and services. They contain binding conditions that provide a reliable framework.

General Terms & Conditions (PDF)

General Terms & Conditions SWISS Technics (PDF)

For us at SWISS, taking into account the high ecological and social standards is the foundation for sustainable economic activity. Based on the UN Global Compact of the United Nations, we expect our suppliers to observe internationally recognised, broadly supported principles in their daily business lives. These are anchored in our Supplier Code of Conduct. This is considered as the foundation for all business associations between SWISS and a supplier, and is also to be assured consistently in the earlier stages in the supply chain.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)Supplier Code of Conduct - Signature (PDF)