Aviation and politics

Air travel links Switzerland to centres in Europe and Switzerland, which makes it part of our country's integral public transport system. Air travel is also an extremely important economical and location factor.

SWISS is the airline of Switzerland. We are highly dependent on the conditions in our home market. We are committed to a sustainable and forward-looking aviation policy, which allows us to better exploit the strategic advantages of air transport and to mitigate the expense.

Ideally, the politics creates optimal conditions that SWISS and aviation in Switzerland can compete globally in general. In order to make political decisions on air transport, the understanding of the functioning of the system and their relationships is important.

“Aeropolitics” keeps stakeholders from politics, management, industry and the media informed about current issues in commercial aviation and provides background information about the operation of the air traffic system in Switzerland in general, and of SWISSin particular. “Aeropolitics” is published four times a year in German and French, and is available as a PDF or in a printed version.

Current Aeropolitics edition

Aeropolitics 3/2017 (PDF, German)

Aeropolitics archive

Aeropolitics 2/2017 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 1/2017 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 4/2016 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 3/2016 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 2/2016 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 1/2016 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 4/2015 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 3/2015 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 2/2015 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 1/2015 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 4/2014 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 3/2014 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 2/2014 (PDF, German)Aeropolitics 1/2014 (PDF, German)

Traffic rights

SWISS is committed to a liberal aviation policy. Open markets combined with protective mechanisms to prevent market abuse (e.g. against continued government support). The challenge is that aviation is not part of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), but rather is determined by a network of bi- and multilateral agreements. The methods used to access the various market are governed by nine traffic rights (see document).

These agreements are negotiated between countries. Switzerland has concluded aviation agreements with over 140 countries. The aviation agreement with the European Union which gives Swiss airlines access to the EU aviation market is of almost unbeatable significance.

Traffic rights (PDF)