Corporate citizenship

For people at home

SWISS supports people and institutions at home. The company is involved with communities close to the airport, invests in children and young adults, and supports employee-driven charity projects.

SOS Children's Villages Switzerland

SOS Children's Villages supports children in need all over the world. SWISS works with the organisation on various levels. Passengers are given the opportunityto donate money to assist families in SOS Children's Villages. This has helped to finance new SOS family houses in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) and Phuket (Thailand) in recent years. SWISS also supports the charity SOS Children's Villages Switzerland with joint communications and targeted campaigns.

The foundation SWISS Kinderstiftung provides an opportunity for SWISS employees to become involved with the charity on a voluntary basis. They can support the families in the SOS Children's Villages with direct monetary donations and/or a voluntary automatic contribution from their salaries.

From June 2016, upon purchase of specially selected products in the SWISS Shop catalogue, a contribution of CHF 1 for the preparation of two hot meals will be donated to benefit the children and mothers in the SOS Children’s Village in Bawana (India). Purchases of the M2 Beauté products, Kyte Key products, and the SWISS model of Boeing 777-300ER will finance a donation SOS Children’s Village for two hot meals in Bawana.

You can preorder these products online and others in our Duty Free offer from the comfort of your own home before your next flight.

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    Partners - SOS Children's Villages

  • Partners - SOS Children's Villages

Sharing knowledge

SWISS needs well-trained staff in every part of the company in order to remain competitive internationally. SWISS is happy to pass this level of knowledge on to society, and thereby share valuable resources.

SWISS also trains more than 100 pilots and over 500 Flight Attendants every year. As a member of the "Login" training association, SWISS also trains some 25 apprentices. As well as commercial training, SWISS also collaborates with msw Winterthur and SW Technics to provide training as a polymechanic or automation engineer in the field of aircraft maintenance. At high school level, every year there are over 60 internships available to students and young workers. And even very young aviation fans can experience air travel up close: at the "Ferienplausch" - "Holiday fun" run by Pro Juventute.

Local involvement

SWISS is one of the biggest employers in the region of Zurich airport, and in the first instance the airline supports events and club activities in the neighbouring communities. The company has also long been involved with the junior division of the local ice hockey team, the Kloten Flyers.

Accessibility at

The core functions of have been accessible since December 2015. This is because SWISS wants to comply with the many and different requirements of the World Wide Web. This is the only way to ensure that the airline can serve anyone who uses the website regardless of what their impairments or disabilities might be. For instance, it could be a blind person who is able to use screen reader to book their flights themselves.

At the moment, the functions such as booking flights and checking in online are accessible, and comply with level AA of the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. The entire website will comply with this standard by the end of 2016.