Economic sustainability

For today, tomorrow and beyond

SWISS connects Switzerland to the rest of the world. It carries business people, tourists and goods. In order to continue fulfilling this role in the long term, SWISS has to operate profitably.

SWISS is serving 102 destinations in 46 countries from Zurich and Geneva and carrying more than 16 million passengers a year with its 94-aircraft fleet.

One of every three tourists travels to Switzerland by air. And in value terms, local companies ship around one-third of their exports by air. In a globalised world, SWISS shares the responsibility for ensuring that Switzerland remains an attractive place in which to work, engage in leisure activities and spend timeon holiday.

SWISS is also an appealing employer. In Switzerland there are in the region of 180,000 aviation-related jobs. Whenever SWISS adds a new long-haul destination to its network, this generates over 300 jobs. Whenever a foreign airline does so, the number of new jobs in Switzerland is almost negligible.

SWISS has to operate profitably at all times in order to create value for every stakeholder group. The company wants to achieve a long-term EBIT margin of 8%. Only then can it invest billions in new and more efficient aircraft, which in turn guarantees that Switzerland remains connected to the rest of the world.