Our commitment to corporate responsibility

SWISS is aware of its responsibility

As Switzerland's national airline, SWISS is fully aware of its economic, ecological and social responsibilities. We create lasting value for all our target groups.


SWISS creates social and economic values for all its target groups with its business model. The strategy of Corporate Responsibility (CR) is based on four cornerstones:

  • Aim: CR initiatives reinforce the positive effects of our business activities.
  • Focus: As the national airline, SWISS focuses exclusively on people and activities with close ties to Switzerland, by providing transport services or sharing expertise.
  • Core areas: SWISS focuses on selected, long-term partnerships in the fields of corporate, social and ecological responsibility.
  • Foundation: Economic sustainability is the foundation of all CSR activities. Values can be created for all target groups only if SWISS is able to remain profitable over the long-term.

Corporate Responsibility at SWISS

SWISS Corporate Responsibility
Activities focus on selected corporate, social and environmental projects.


SWISS does not use CSR parameters to determine the success of its commitment. The initiatives are part of the daily business process, which is why they are obtained and optimised in line with the company's strategy development.

The Lufthansa Group publishes the consolidated CR activities in the annual Lufthansa Balance.


SWISS sets itself ambitious targets in its social, economic or ecological responsibility. The effects of various initiatives are documented in the following reports:

Lufhansa's sustainability report

Lufthansa Balance 2013

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