Social responsibility

For the people in the company

Over 8000 people all over the world work for SWISS. Together with its social partners, the airline is actively involved in the issues and needs of its workforce. Two initiatives are of particular importance.

Promoting health

A healthy, motivated workforce is a key factor in a company's success. SWISS has specialists from every field of medicine to look after the staff's health and well-being. Preventative measures are just as important as providing support if someone is ill or has an accident. The medical services take care of all work- and flight-related matters. The workforce also has an internal psychological advice centre and other health offers at its disposal.

Day nursery

A large proportion of the SWISS workforce works outside normal office hours, at night and on weekends. This makes it that much more difficult for working parents to arrange childcare. The "Strampolino" day nursey in Zurich-Kloten is the first one of its kind in Switzerland to offer flexible care times including nights and weekends. SWISS supports the day nursery, and with it the mums and dads in the company.